Hi everyone

Recently joined the forum after lurking for a while, thought I would swing by here and introduce myself.

I have been gaming since forever, and loved Diablo 1 to death! Never really liked Diablo 2, never tried D3. Do not think I will after reading about it. It was with great scepticism, even reluctance that I bought Grim Dawn. I thought no game would be for me again what Diablo 1 and Fallout 1 once was. Boy am I glad I was wrong! Now I play as often as I can, and have made 2 other friends buy it as well. And I think I will use the game as a christmas present for several others xD

On Steam I am known as Jormundgandr from NOR, also “real” name: Kokken. This should help you find me if there is anyone up for a game. I play SC.


There comes Fenris’ twin
His jaws are opened wide
The serpent rises from the waves

OP twists and turns
Mighty in his wrath
The eyes are full of primal hate

Þór went out of Asgard disguised as a youth and came in the evening to a giant called Hymir. Þór stayed there that night. At daybreak Hymir got up and dressed and prepared to go sea-fishing in a rowboat.
Þór sprang up and asked Hymir to let him go rowing with him.

Hymir said that he would not be much help, as he was such a scrap of a young fellow: “You’ll catch cold if I sit as long and as far out to sea as I usually do.”

Þór, however, said he would be able to row a long way out from the shore, and that it wasn’t certain that he would be the first to demand to be rowed back. He became so angry with the giant that he was ready to set the hammer ringing on his head. He controlled himself, however, as he intended to try his strength in another place.

He asked Hymir what they were to take as bait, but Hymir told him to get his own. Then Þór turned away to where he saw a herd of oxen belonging to Hymir. He selected the biggest ox, one called Sky-Bellower, and struck off its head.

Þór took the ox-head on board, sat down in the stern, and rowed. Hymir thought they made rapid progress from his rowing. Hymir sat in the bow, and together they rowed until they came to the place where Hymir was accustomed to sit and catch flat fish. Þór said he wanted row much farther out, and they had another bout of fast rowing. Then Hymir said that they had come so far out that it would be dangerous to sit there on account of the Miðgarðsormr. (Jormundgandr/Jörmungandr.)

Þór, however, declared his intention of rowing for a bit yet, and did so, and Hymir was not at all pleased at that. When Þór shipped his oars, he made ready a very strong line and a large hook. He baited the hook with the ox-head and flung it overboard.

The Miðgarðsormr snapped at the ox-head, and the hook stuck fast in the roof of its mouth. It jerked away so hard that both Þór’s fists knocked against the gunwale. Then Þór grew angry and, exerting all his divine strength, dug in his heels so hard that both legs went through the boat until he was digging his heels in on the sea bottom.

He drew the serpent up on board, staring straight at it. The serpent glared back, belching poison. The giant Hymir turned pale with fear when he saw the serpent and the sea trembling in and out of the vessel too. At the very moment that Þór gripped his hammer and raised it aloft, the giant fumbled for his bait knife and cut Þór’s line off at the gunwale.

The serpent sank back into the sea. Þór flung his hammer after it and people say that this struck its head off in the waves; but the truth is that the “Midgardsormen” is still alive and is lying in the ocean.

Þór clenched his fist and gave Hymir a box on the ear so that he fell overboard head first, but Þór himself waded ashore.

Did you write this yourself? It is awesome! I need to learn how to get a quote into a signature xD