Hi from far away.... yet not so far away!

Hi everyone! I’m currently studying in Ireland my first year of college, but back home I actually only live 40 minutes from Boston. Its been my passion and dream to always come up with a great story that one day might become a truly amazing game. I’ve had a lot of inspiration for my idea over in Ireland, and I hope when I get home just before Christmas for the break I might finally be able to start fleshing it out. The reason why I came to the forums is because I only recently realized how many digital game developers were in the New England area, particularly around Boston! When I was looking around and saw this, I felt I had to jump in, if nothing else to see what Crate was working on, and I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen. I love the premise of the game, because it actually parallels my own ideas in several ways. I immediately felt good looking into this, so I had to join and see what this was all about!

Hello, enjoy your stay :slight_smile: