Hi From Wisconsin

Hello fellow Grim Dawn fans! I’ve been following this forum for a while now, but have just now finally got around to making an account. I am one half of a Co-op Digital Collectors Bundle from Kickstarter, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the alpha. (This year, hopefully!)

      I've been playing Titan Quest for about 4 years now, and I still love it, so when I found out about Crate and Grim Dawn I was immediately excited.  I'm also pumped for Borderlands 2, Skyrim DLC, and The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks.
     Oh, and congratulations to Grim Dawn for the Kickstarter success!

Ah, another convert. Welcome to the forums.

I have to say though, I didn’t really get into Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy. The books just didn’t hold my attention.

Hello and welcome to the forums! i hope you enjoy it here!

Hi and welcome to the forums.