Hi there community!

Hi there guys! I just bought a fierce loyalist edition and I’m really proud to support hihi.

I’m a skateboarder, I work for the gouvernement of qc and I bid on Grim Dawn to be my fresh Diablo game since they failed so hard.

That’s about it! I can’t wait to play this game 10hrs straight ^^

hello.since there time u are part of us, want this or not!!kekekkee

hi and welcome to the community and enjoy your stay here

Hope you enjoy your stay mate! :slight_smile: Fellow loyalist supporter here.

Hi there man! Have fun on that link :smiley: Plenty of lecture


Welcome to Grim Dawn :slight_smile:

Greetings sir! Welcome aboard.

Enjoy your stay.

Bumping this thread as I saw your sig in another just now. Totally agree with your sig and also still playing soulvizier.

So, an entitrely belated welcome to you.

nice sig and fully agree with it, and hi and welcome

Nice to see people living the same as I!! Thx all

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