Hi all, another Iron Lore vet here. I’ll be helping out with art and regularly breaking the engine to keep Paul busy.

Great to see the community that’s grown around this project and glad to be a part of it!

welcome keep up the great are work!

Hello there Sectaurs!

Welcome to the party!!!

Keep up the good work, the game’s looking great :slight_smile:

Welcome Sectaurs! Nice to see another Crate member here! :slight_smile:

They are breeding! By this time next year there will be Millions of Crate Developers and they shall take over the world! Run for your lives!

Hey! Welcome man, does this mean that we’ve got 8 devs now? lol

Are you new to grimdawn fourms or crate?

Hello Sectaurs ! All ex IronLore veterans are very very VERY welcome!THis GD project will be super-sweet and terrabrutal and nice bloody h&s! :slight_smile:

Keep up growin’ the developer crew with extreme talent.

Are you the 8th one??? or the 7th one???

Hello Mr. 8!

Nice to see the team increasing.
I think we all are looking forward to your works. I would like to see screens.^^

Welcome to the forum and thanks for all that you’re doing to bring this project to fruition!


Hi … who is Paul :confused: … Rhis?

Yup. When he signs on IRC his address reads pbryant…