Hidden item effects

I’m confused and need help lol.

I’ve recently been leveling an Octavius Tactician and at some point (I think it was around level 90), I noticed I no longer take damage from ground based bleed skills. For example, I am in the middle of fighting ChupaChups and stood in his blood pools (and his breath attack for that matter) and took 0 damage from bleed, not even a debuff icon to indicate bleeding damage (I still get affected by any other debuff associated with the skill, such as life leech or reduced damage).

Since getting level 94 I changed all my gear except for Menhir’s Bastion (I very much doubt it’s this), Thornhide Legguards to Mythical and at level 90 I equipped Mark of the Voracious One. After noticing the Dagallon’s set has an unmentioned, hidden effect that makes all attacks pierce enemies, I was wondering does Mark of the Voracious One have a hidden effect of immunity to ground based bleed damage? A long shot I know, but it’s driving me nuts trying to figure it out. The only other reason I can think of is my DA is high enough (~3,600) that maybe NPC ground based skills have some sort of set OA attached to them, however, that doesn’t seem quite right either.

Also, all my other level 100’s (and all other characters for that matter) still take ground based bleed damage.

Could you upload your build to https://www.grimtools.com/calc/ ? This would help understand exactly what is happening.

Afaik, the only effects that are hidden are “pierce” effects (which are shown on grim tools, fyi) and certain item modifiers that allow skills to be used with different weapon qualifiers (spellscourge shield for instance).

The game engine doesn’t have a way to hide stats, it’s just certain things aren’t shown for whatever reason. (technical issues probably) So whatever is going on with you is probably just really high resists, combined with high DA and flat damage absorption.

You sure it wasn’t it just your inquisitor seal secretly canceling DOTs and ground effects?

^ This is most likely it, and if not the Seal, some other Damage Absorption. The Kuba pools don’t do a whole lot of Bleed, and it’s usually possible to just outright ignore them. A little bit of Absorption can make them be completely negligible.

Mark of the Voracious One has no hidden effect.

This is also a possibility. All of Kuba’s attacks are OA/DA reliant, his pools included.

I don’t use Inquisitor Seal. And I thought about damage absorption (I have 29%) but poison still puts a debuff on me, even though my hp/s outheals the damage, and I still take damage from ground based aether/vitality skills, as in my hp drops by a small amount then is healed up immediately but I don’t even get that hp drop with bleed based skills, it just doesn’t move at all.

And I don’t know what difference it will make but this is my Tactician set up:


Could be overguard (has flat damage absorption), or alternatively maybe a series of blocks. I need to take a closer look but that’s just a guess. Try standing over the pools without overguard on, or maybe remove your shield and try again.

With dryad blessing up you have more than 100% of reduced bleed duration, simple as that :wink:

As stated above. Seal+Overguard will negate kupa pools

On Vortex of Souls, I think the “pierces through targets” effect was hidden on purpose to make some kind of easter egg. Need to find again the thread and Zantai’s reply from a year ago…

I say on purpose because there is a legendary item that gives Firestrike the ability to pierce through without hiding it. Same for DEE and the occultist set.

Holy shit…Dryad was a last minute addition/change (i.e. level 90 ish when I started noticing it) for the -Spirit requirement for jewellery. I never even thought about that. Well I feel slightly stupid now.