Hidden Stats on Items?

So I’m nearing the end of my first playthrough of the game and I found myself a Chestguard of Justice, and when I put it on I noticed myself losing Aether resistance that the armor I was wearing before didn’t have. Needless to say, this confused me. I started looking around on the internet, but I didn’t find any conclusive answers as to why this was happening, so I decided to take matters in my own hands and investigate a little.

Turns out that all ‘Exalted Platemail’ chest armors give 12% elemental resistance, 16% Aether resistance, and 12% Chaos resistance that is not listed on the item tooltip. I purchased a second Exalted Platemail from the Devil’s Crossing vendor to corroborate this and it gave the same benefits. I also purchased an armor of a different type (Assault Hauberk), but it had not have any such benefits.

The wiki says nothing about hidden statistics, so I wanted to inquire: is this common knowledge? Do other item types also have hidden stats of some description? And if so, is there a list somewhere where I can find these numbers?

Can’t post links yet, but if anyone wants screenshots I can supply them.

Erm… I don’t think that is working as intended.

Are you sure you aren’t using mods or the difference is not caused due to augments/components that you have used on the platemail?

Btw, you can post here to get your post count high enough to link and stuff.

This is my first playthrough of the game so I’m not using any mods or third party software or anything. Anyway, taking everything off and putting it all back on again seems to have fixed things. Somehow.

It was weird though, take a look at this.

*Original armor. No augment and ancient armor plate component.
*Chestguard of Justice No augment and ancient armor plate component. Note the drop in aether and chaos resistance despite both items having no Aether resistance and the same amount of Chaos resistance.
*Another Exalted Platemail. Notice the same effect despite no Aether/Chaos resistance. It’s not visible due to my capped resistances, but the elemental resistances all went up by 12 as well.
*No chest piece at all

After I fixed the problem I tried to see which combination of gears caused the glitch but I couldn’t replicate it. My resistances are back to normal now.

That is a weird bug o_0

Not a bug, Exalted Platemail has no ‘hidden stats’.

Both Exalted Platemails that you have possess % Physique and % Spirit. Unequipping it makes you fail to meet the requirements of another piece of armor or your jewelry, which in turn is making you lose the aforementioned stats.

Oops, yeah. The Amulet. The Elemental resistance from it and Aether res from its component. I am guessing the Chaos res is from an augment on the amulet.

Yup, his second picture and the last one linked both show his amulet slot has lost its needed requirements. That’s where he is losing the resists.

Yeah, checks out. I would normally have figured out when I started taking stuff off and back on, but I had put two new skill points in shaman progression beforehand so my spirit must’ve improved enough to wear the necklace.

Welp. I suppose I’m glad everything works as intended. If there was hidden stats on top of everything it’d make switching gears needlessly complicated.