Hide Augment Glow

please add a way to hide the glow from weapon augments, maybe at the illusionist

thank you

Hey, I am not the only one that dislikes augment glows! :smiley:

I think it would be nice to have it as a illusionist thing. You could either change the glow to other known ones or remove it completelly.

I’ve asked about this myself once or twice (because I’d love the ability to disable/change augment glows, personally) and the answer has always leaned more towards no, sadly. I guess it’s one of those horrendously complicated UI things that they prefer to avoid at all costs unless it’s really worth it. :smiley:

I’d like this as well. I made a similar thread a while ago asking if we could hide armor pieces at the illusionist. If the devs don’t do it, it would be easy to remove the augment glows by editing files.

Yes thank you. Sometimes I just dont want the shoulder or head piece showing. And weapon glow could maybe be a toggle?

Wait is there a glow for augments? I never noticed lol.

there is a glow if the weapon doesn’t already have one :wink: sometimes it’s cool, sometimes not so i support the suggestion if it’s not too hard to implement

I tested this by using a pistol with a glow and the augment glow still shows over part of it.