High overcaped resistances.

Sometimes, some gear and devotion path favor some resistances, while offering no support to others. And in the end, you have a build with an overwhelming overcapped resistance with some specific elements, like this one ( 86 fire res + 174 overcaped). Who dont wish to have that much on all resistanes, right?
On the other hand, pierce suffer a lot. And here you wish you could take 134 from that 170 (40 overcapped is more than enought), and share it betwen those who struggle to reach the max value.

Well, now we have augments for all tastes (even two for chaos, +10 and +12). Instead of that, maybe augments with buff and debuff may be a good way to deal with the problem. Augment with higher bonus, at the cost of another resistance. In this case, one with +20 to pierce, but -10 to fire, allowing to balance those values.

I agree that some affixes/items/devotions will heavily favor the resistance that is tied to the damage type. A lot of the time there will be changes for swapping or adding resistances when it comes to itemization/devotions.

The build in question has a few issues with it and you can probably sacrifice a few things in order to get at least get max resistances.

I’m a fan. +1

I just want to point out that if a char has a vast amount of resist overcap then the negative resist part wouldn’t have any practical effect.

So your proposal is technically just straight up buffing the amount of resist one can get from augments.

And given how easy is to cap/comfortably overcap resists, a buff like that is really not needed imho.

Altough it would hardly matter for the same exact reason, so… whatever.

I think OP is saying that items will give huge overcap on your own damage type,while some resistances will have no sources.In one of my builds when I equpied 94 level set and same damage items,result was 140% over the limit of lightning(I think) and negative pierce :D.Ofc is hard for game to balance res,that’s why there are components,augments and green items.

I completely understood the op, my point is if you have 140% over the cap then -10% “penalty” means nothing so the proposed augments would just be plain stronger than what we have now and imho that’s not needed at all.

ABSOLUTELY agreed on that.
Usually, gear sets offer balanced res distribution, but non-set pieces tend to offer the same resistance over and over again. Usually - to the same damage type you’re dealing (i.e. acid res for gear, dedicated to poison builds). So when you equip several such pieces, you get one resist overcapped to hell, while struggling to even cap others…

I think, non-set pieces should get more balanced res distribution too! Sure, you want overcap res to damage you’re dealing, to avoid be harmed be reflect, but this had gone too far!
This would improve itemization, instead of forcing players to use dedicated sets.

Is true in those cases its a big advantage, but in others, where half of your res are overcapped +30, and some struggle to get decent values, here it will be more meaningful. We overcap to counter RR, but here, you sacrifice part of it, to have a better value on others.

I like how the game always provide strenghts and weakness on every build, but there are some builds wich easily can overcap all resistances, without the need to sacrifice anything, and other builds are not that lucky.