High Potency doesn't seem worth it anymore

How do others feel about this change?

I mean it’s still kinda good on builds that lack energy regen, but I find myself ignoring it now.
Don’t get me wrong I like the changes to Demon Fire as it was either ignored or a 1 pointer in the past, on the other hand I feel gimped if my Demo builds don’t take BWC in one form or another (it almost feels like BWC alone does too much).

What do you mean by not worth it? On actual bwc builds or on builds that only use bwc for RR? Cause on the former bwc spam and cd bwc are still two totally different builds. And I think bwc spam damage is still a bit worse than high potency. The patch did nerf cd bwc builds a lot since it’s now more point hungry.

As for builds that only use bwc for the debuff, it doesn’t matter. It’s only one point.

I still think it’s worth it on builds that just use BWC for RR or as a rotation skill (like with Judgment or transmuted CT etc.).

  • You still get extra AoE and duration out of it. You could just cast it 2-3 times without the transmuter but on builds with low cast speed, that’s gonna take awhile and be a decrease in damage for a few seconds.

  • More Burn damage and it scales the devotion proc rate on it to be one of the best in Demo. Having it bound to Guardian’s Gaze on a Chaos build with a 42% proc rate is sublime, Flame Torrent should work just as well, Eldritch Fire and Fissure are also prime binds for it.

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I guess it could be worth more if there were gear that reduced BWC cooldown. Right now there’s no gear that does that.

I agree with this statement, flat RR and reduced damage debuff. I don’t see why High potency removed the phys damage debuff, it was nice for just 1 pt.

Melee builds are currently faced with Ulzuin Wrath (doesn’t even affect enemies in melee range) or taking BWC, which is costly and clunky. I thought melee needed most support these days, not casters.

Overall, I like the idea of giving demo some damage reduction, I just feel the execution was not good.

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