High-quality MIs AoM

TL;DR: I’m seeing more sect pants/nemesis shoulders/unique-to-one-boss rare MI bases but I’m seeing far fewer rare affixes on these items. Specifically in Ultimate at level 100 - lower level drops may resemble like pre-AoM.

I’ve started to wonder if it is just me or if others are noticing this pattern, particularly with old MIs that I have a lot more experience farming. I’m don’t have enough data personally to feel sure but it does point towards a trend. I’m also not sure what the devs’ intentions were with AoM - I know they wanted MI affix & rarity changes and I think I remember it being in the direction of “less MIs, better affixes” but that’s not what I’m seeing.

Example 1: Solael sect pants. I farm these all the time, largely because they’re on the way to SoT. Pre-AoM I would see one pair drop per 6 or 7 runs maybe and each had perhaps a 50% chance for a rare affix. Currently the pants drop every other run or so but I have not yet seen a pair with anything other than two magic affixes.

Example 2: Nemesis shoulders. Again I farm these pretty often, particularly Maiden, Zantarin, and Fabius. Pre-patch one or the other version would drop from most kills and they had a very good chance of at least one rare affix. After AoM they still drop with the same frequency but again I do not recall seeing anything but double magic-quality affixes on them.

I am also keeping an eye on things like Bloodsworn Signets, Bloodsworn Sigils, Ikrix Scales, and other MIs unique to one boss (not the stuff that can drop from trash - I accept that those may be a different category though I’m doubtful of their affixes too). They might drop more often - I’m not sure yet - but again I’m not seeing rare quality affixes. I’m also keeping track of MI caster weapons that only drop from specific bosses but I’m keeping those separate as those have had their own issues that may not be related to this problem (if this problem exists…).

With I’ve started keeping a character stash page just for storing these MIs in so that I can look back and have a better idea of how rare “rare” is. If anyone is interested I’ll make a screenshot of them after I fill up a page or so.

Any thoughts on the subject? Do you know what the item behavior (drop frequency and affix frequency) should be? Am I being an idiot?

Hm, that´s strange.

I didn´t farm sect guardians after the patch, but before, I rarely got any drops (compared to Vanilla). Especially Solael-Sect and Bysmiel-Sect…can´t say, how often I farmed them but very little drops. For the affixes: Nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

On Fabius, he drops his shoulders every kill. I had really good ones (Double Rare), I had the “Mystic…of Mending”.

Guess the loot system still has bugs (as players reported), but I just got a Rampage sect pants of protection, may be you just unlucky. For bloodsworn stuffs and most MIs I got some good drops from Crucible, not bother farming them in vanilla. (except solael pants, cronley and gollus rings)

Of course I would pick up a paid of Dominator’s Dreeg-sect Pants of (something) right after posting this. I’m still interested in getting some clarification and input from other players (or Zantai if he shows up) - and I want to see a rare affix on some MI shoulder or pants. (Then I’ll really start questioning myself. :o )

Edit: well, shit. Maybe I’m just an idiot? Or 1.0.3/ changed something? Rare prefix just dropped on Demonic shoulders. :eek: I’ll keep collecting data for now though.

More than likely related to this issue:


I’ve been doing loxmere runs at it’s been approximately 70 blades since I last saw a rare affix. Something feels funny.

EDIT: and add to that the last rare affix being in it feels very suspicious.

Of the 29 MI shoulders and pants I’ve found since posting this thread, six had a rare affix.

I think the most frustrating part of this is not knowing what I should expect from MIs anymore. :undecided: