History Leopoldian Classic

Hello ! My name is Alexander, officaly Leopold.

My game is starting to 15 august (this is learning game)!

I have interesting the people community for GrimDawn En.

I have many so good character, this is good!

I love streaming with GrimDawn Classic this is be long play for starting to 10 sembtember and finish game to 30 october or November 10-15.

The are people to wathcing film and a joke and other smile and laught for streaming =)

Im speak this Lokkar (oh my god , this is strong and death lol), that’s is not compoent, and crpax :smiley:

And I love GORRAKA ahahah!

My is character name is Mogdern, is created for 10 sembtebmer, Im playing to long.

I think , this is death to 1380 killed, kill to 650.000 and 1-2 month day playing game.

It is very interesting game classic , doesn’t component and other :smiley: . This is be funny and other.

The speaking are people me speak it is intelectual machine and human machine…

P.S Zantai, thank you for me take Games Iteresting and play game. I love you .

@Zantai , you good gamer developer and interesting , this is good fixed game and other, the GrimDawn to good engine and GUI Design , this is really nice game choice edition!

Goodlucky and the interesting developing and drawing game! Good job!

Regard , Alexander
Thank you patience by Leopold .

And please to moment : Impotrant and greate Thank You vermy much for interesting support to : About thank you supporting and other @Snowmanplayer123 @medea_fleecestealer , @Maska322 (this is good Corn ahha) , @Evil_Baka , and other @Maya.

And thank you great for mascout , thank you @adoomgod ! You greate playtester.

Good nice!


Stop dm’ing me on Discord please…

what’s the meaning of the words “history” and “classic” in the title? i don’t see anything historic or classical here.

It’s Leo speak. He plays the game in his classic style. No components, augments, using the blacksmith, buying stuff from vendors iirc. He also plays strategic so be warned.

History I would guess is just his way of telling you how he’s been playing the game since he bought it.

Leo speak takes a bit of work to understand, but the main thing to take from it is how much he enjoys the game. His enthusiasm is boundless - as is the number of deaths he’s had while playing. None of which put him off one little bit. :smiley:

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