Hey guys, great to be here in anticipation for this wonderful game. I’ve already pledged the Legendary support, believe me I’m ready. After playing Titan Quest, learning of this spiritual successor, and discerning my own conclusions about what I hope this game will come to be akin to, I couldn’t help it.

I’m glad to be able to help ahead of time and encourage further development, allowing my money to literally speak about what I see as quality. I even moreso enjoy the various (and well appointed) price points for such a purpose.

I’ve played games for over twenty years and enjoy both PC and console games new and old! :slight_smile:

Hope to talk and enjoy the wait with fellow anticipators (er…), and just letting you fellows know that you have one more person behind you!

Hi Kharin!!:slight_smile:
Nice to meet you.
Welcome to the forums.:smiley:

Hey there! It’s so awesome to hear such positivity about both TQ and GD. Rest assured that many of us here feel the same way.

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.

Welcommen :smiley: