Hoghest DPS? What build?

I have a couple questions for more experienced players… Please feel free to speculate. However, if possible, please, I’d like to get specific answers, not just like, “highest DPS? Arcanist + anything!”

  1. What build is currently (as of AoM 1.0.6) able to achieve highest single DPS overall? (I’m talking about real dps including crits and rr, etc. not the number on the char sheet)

  2. What about best AOE?

  3. What build can currently provide most tankiness? (I mean the ability to mitigate damage in a hypothetical situation where mobs are immortal. I don’t mean like “this build has best survivability because it kills stuff so fast that nothing can kill him”)

My own opinion if somewhat irrelevant: 1. Vit/chaos pet cabalist; 2. No idea, lightning druid? DW cold spellbreaker?; 3. No idea… something with vitality probably? .

  1. A pet build, 3p korba with 2x malkadarr, or maybe even rune infiltrator, possibly a DW gun build with proper spacing on storm spread. There’s a lot out there, hard to say for certain.

  2. PRM, rune infiltrator, 4p korba, ??? (honestly don’t know)

  3. hard to say because there are a lot of ways to build things such that they’d never die, but if you’re not counting kill speed that is lost to get this tankiness it’s a useless metric.

  1. I think you can only have 1x malkadarr with a 3 piece korba. Also, don’t forget the darkblaze set. It’s a beast :rolleyes:

  2. Best AoE? Callidor-devastation-binder

  3. Tankiness? I would argue binders. But they need some skill to pilot.

You mean standing in one spot spamming RE mirror mark TD? Fully geared binders are friggin rocks.

@OP 1. Best single target dps should be double malkadarr korba trickster, but for cruci cleartime it’s either rune infiltrator or cold pb infiltrator or static strike dagallon purifier.

  1. Best AOE, i agree with spanks in devastation, but also runes.

  2. Tanking - s&b soldier with overguard on is still tankiest if you just stand and do nothing but binder will overtake it if you count mirror/mark Td and Re spam.

Don’t know anything about pets but there should be petsin this list somewhere

You reckon cold PB infiltrator can clear 170 faster than a witch hunter?

good catch, I shouldn’t post without coffee

DPS you say.


Sorry I’m a bit new to the game. You mean a spellbinder with wendigo mark, time dilation to speed up mirror of errotrewhatever and ravenous earth bound to what? Bat?

What do you think is the best class to complement s&b overguard + menhirs bulwark soldier in terms of crucible farming? (I mean ok-ish but not necessarily outstanding clear time + no fear of dying)

Witchblade always works, tactician as well for even more flat absorption. Soldier combines well with pretty much everything, it’s more a matter of taste.


Judging by the 7k hp pool on the spec, I’m guessing it’s his latest post. Is this right ptir?

Is this enough dps?

I don’t play it but based on discussions I remember, then yes.

How are you spamming cold PB?

Speaker of the dead override conversion on transmuter.

Well if you take transmuter and speaker of the dead then you’ll have 50% cold, 50% vit from conversion. Speaker converts 45% vit to cold. Kravall shoulders 30% chaos to cold, 33% vit to cold mod on PB on deathbound amethyst. Pretty good, I should say.

@ptiro shouldn’t it be 50/50? I thought they’re on the same conversion level?

Thanks homie. That helped.

@ptir: Yeah, bro. My understanding is the same as x1x1x1x2’s, though we could very well be wrong here.

Skill modifiers come before transmuters in their own step:

Base Skill > Skill Modifiers > Conversion on the Skill or Transmuter > Conversion on Equipment and Buffs > Equipment, Auras and Passives

Looking at M. Speaker of the Dead. It’s skill modifier should come before Frenetic Throw. Since it’s 100%, there will be no more Pierce for it to convert to Vitality.

it works 50/50

they do have their own steps, but for some reason at least in the case of pb it seems to do 50/50.

no tome… 16 points in pb, no other skill in the line

with tome same set up.

since damage conversion only happens once… one of two things are happening here. the skill mod and the item mod are spliting the damage convert 50/50 (two 100% converts weighted)
damage is changed to vit via skill mod, then 45% converted via tome.

I’m certain that that the first is what is happening, otherwise there are some really cool builds I need to go make :rolleyes: