Hohai !

Hey ! after having following this project from the very beginning,i think it s time for me to pull the head out of my lair and start talking with people…

Titan Quest being my all time favorite HnS I think that GD is the natural step in the good direction for this genre.

TQ/IT, TL, D2 , Borderlands and my dear Hellgate kept me interested for years and they gave me my dose of loots but unfortunately, this game genre is dying. D3 simply doesn t have enough numbers to keep me interested as a HUGE Anarchy Online fan.

All this too say that i can t wait to play the alpha of grim danw, the beta, the full game, the expansion, the mods.

Good luck to all devs, you already made an amazing work <3

Greetings and welcome to the forums! I’m glad you joined us here. feel free to share your ideas, they would contribute to a better community and a better game!

Hi and welcome to the forums.

welcome & enjoy your stay :slight_smile: