Houses with garrisoned residents don’t upgrade

So I have some shelters with 75% desirability and they never upgrade cause the soldiers never come home to stock the house. Anyone else notice this?


Not sure I have seen that in my game but could you remove the worker from the tower and let them upgrade and then assign someone back to the tower. Not great but a workaround in the mean time if it works.

That works but some of the shelters house entirely soldiers. So that would mean emptying my entire barracks lol. Which leaves me vulnerable. Is there a way to assign who lives in what house?

They do eventually go home to restock the shelter and it will upgrade, but it just takes SO long.

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+1 See this in the beta .7.6 as well.

This should be fixed when the grocer bug is fixed

Do it during winter, I used to do this on some other structures too.