How about a beastiary?

So,yeah…we all know what it is,what do you think? could be cool 3d images of every enemy in the game,could even add an unlock feature like,kill x to reveal their weakness,could even have it show what Mi they drop like in dead island 2


I think it might be too late for that.

you might wanna sub to this thread then


Just wanted to post to say I love this idea. I love anything that helps me not have to look outside of the game to find info about the game, and I especially love bestiaries because you usually have to also encounter and defeat things to learn about them. It feels very organic, and also helps those who don’t want to look things up on wiki’s and databases still find out things about the game and its monsters.

Would love that as well as some kind of item catalogue in game as well that shows the base forms (prefix-less) of any items you’ve picked up. Could be a neat achievement to try to fill it out. These are definitely both big asks, but its neat lol.

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