How about limiting low rolls on particularly rare items?

So, I dropped two Magi rings already. Lucky me, huh? Not. They are so low-rolled that they are basically trash. Other things are better even on builds that wanted them.

I do understand the reason why certain items are rare. It is to bolster satisfaction and excitement after finally getting them. However, it did not happen to me. All that happened was frustration and joykill.

I also understand why rolls are so wide. It is to encourage further progress even for endgame geared chars. But when it comes to rare purple MI… imo they should not roll so low. The chance of getting another one is just too low. So is motivation to farm for another one when you now it can happen again.

Thx for reading.

PS. I also got two legit Alkamos Dread. Both with 12% conversion…


I’m not sure whether the engine can do this.
It’s certainly requires more powerful tool than asset manager, AFAIK.

I mean as and act of balancing. For example make Alkamos rings’ conversion 15/18 not 12/18.

Increase the base value and optionally decrease the RNG spread of the item. As both are in the .dbr file you can do that.


:clap: Conversion :clap: Shouldn’t :clap: Be :clap: A :clap: Randomized :clap: Stat :clap:


I don’t really mind the randomness of conversion rolls. Just the extent of it where the high roll is 150% of the low roll. At least on those ultra rare items that drop once in a generation.

Also, the cc res crafting bonuses are wild. Those low rolls should be upped. Everywhere else, random me to death alright.

Oh, the off-hand cdr rolls, while we’re at it, could start from 14% not 12%. Everything under 16-17% is trash, and respectable casters don’t rest till they got the max roll.

Yeah. The wide range of CDR rolls on off-hands is very frustrating.

Zantai said the droprate for some purple MIs would be raised. Maybe that’s already enough?

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