How are pet builds supposed to deal with this?

How are you supposed to deal with pets losing taunt on a target like Fabius who is super fast and goes invisible? If I even think about using COF or Grasping Vines to proc abilities he just goes after me forever.

I deal with it by not ever pressing any buttons besides BOD when needed and kiting till pets retake aggro. No clue how he targets me after a while when I never used any attacks. Is this how you’re supposed to deal with it? I assume things would be much easier with a Beastcaller’s medal since it adds to pet taunt.

The answer to most “how are pet builds supposed to deal with ______” questions is “you don’t”. It really sucks because I like the concept of pet builds but there’s just so much AoE and basically anything you’d do to help your pets assigns 5 googolplex of threat to you.

What are you even talking about. You didn’t even read the damn question lol. I found a solution for my problem but I wanted to know if it was the correct way to deal with the issue…

I did answer the question, alongside any other question you might have about your preferred build. I’'l break this down for you a little harder!

You asked: “How are you supposed to deal with pets losing taunt on a target like Fabius who is super fast and goes invisible?”
I answered: You don’t.
You might also ask: “How do I deal with my pets having trouble with some other mechanic of the game?”
My response also answers this topic with: You don’t.
You also complained: “If I even think about using COF or Grasping Vines to proc abilities he just goes after me forever.”
I responded with: Shit sucks because of the way debuffs give a shitload of threat to you such that pets cannot keep up.

Do you need any other laborious breakdowns of two sentence posts?

Did I really need to bold the word supposed? Should I have worded it differently for you? I said in my post I dealt with the problem and wanted to know how you’re SUPPOSED meaning the intended way of dealing with it instead of how I did.

What you do is not draw aggro, i.e. don’t use any abilities directly on the enemy like Grasping Vines or Curse of Frailty etc. As enemy AI registers those as a higher threat than pets.

Sure, that means you’ll miss out on some dps etc, but sh*t happens and usually pets can usually kick out enough dps without any procs to do the job. Though the potion you can buy from the Rover’s doesn’t draw any aggro.

I have a way and it’s super effective cuz I fight him countless times in crucible.

He is nothing compared to Iron Maiden, if u have bad stun res, Iron Maiden will two shots u.

This ‘way’ deals with major sneaky small nemesis target like Fabius,IM.
(U suddenly stop for him to manifest and run around him in circles)

CoF is easily one of the skills that triggers enemies the most. The point is, decrease the frequency of your attacks and enemies will go after you less often.

Are pet builds… bad? Kind of makes me not want to play a Necromancer, despite having planned to. :v

If you want to play Necromancer I recommend you combine with Occultist (Cabalist). They can do almost everything except the hard bosses.

I’ve seen some pet retaliation conjurer build that was able to do ravager but I think no pet build is able to kill Mogdrogen. Maybe that new mythical with +15 to max resists for pets the pets will be able to tank Mogdrogen long enough to kill him. Not sure tough.

Pre-AoM a (i think a chinese player’s) pet Conjurer held the record for the fastest Mog kill (3 and a half min. or so) for a good while.

That was at a lvl. cap of 85 and before multiple nerfs to Primal Instinct, but still, going from that to not being able to kill him at all is quite unlikely to say the least.

If you mean this
(you must be since no other item gives max. all resists to pets) then it’s neither new nor mythical (and haven’t been used in the build i mentioned :)).

Conjurer pre AoM. Is nerfed since then but should still be able to do it with the new items

the original build

I can’t say I remember what strategy he used to keep Mog focused on his pets, whether it’s the natural taunt on the original Beastcaller’s Set or simply not attacking that often, but any long fight can be made simple when you have a single item that grants you 100% Resistance to the boss’ primary type. Add permanent Storm Spirit (it was an aura previously) with the Beastcaller’s Set, and you can easily get 180% (80% with 100% overcap) Lightning Resistance for your pets. That’s more than enough to keep your pets from dying at Mogdrogen’s hand too easily.

I would think Ravager would be much harder as there’s no easy way to keep your pets’ resistances at full when Ravager’s providing -55% to all Resistances.

Theres natural taunt on Briathorns which he used to distract Ravager, without it Ravager will two shot you. Also there are three type of Ravager and you need to avoid the one with the bleeding AOE - Ravager of mind, he will shred your pets like no other.

ive been having the same trouble, in ultimate i spend most of the time against boss mobs just repeating “go away go away go away no stop”