How big is the world

Pretty simple question I have been wondering about. I do not think what we see in the game now is the entire world. Also is the world following cosmology similar to ours, or is it just literally a plane?

I guess the world is as big as Crate want it to be. We know we’re going to a different part of the world in Forgotten Gods.

For what we have seen of the world of Cairn, i asume it’s only a small portion. They lore have spoken of other nations besides the Erulan empire. And like media says, it’s as big as Crate want it to be.

If you are friendly with Anasteria and speak to her:

[spoiler]A human mind cannot even begin to comprehend the countless worlds and realities that exist beyond your own.

Though how many still remain after the wanton destruction inflicted upon creation during the war of the gods, that is difficult to say.