How did skill_skillsecondary_attackradius.dbr work?


sry for i got a wrong name on the title…

I tried use this modifier but it always seemd not worked.

I tried:
1)assign a radius Buff(skillbuff_passive) , as a modifier of one attack skill.
2)assign a radius Debuff(skillbuff_debuff), as a modifier of one attack skill.

3)assign a radius Buff(skillbuff_passive), as a modifier of one buffself skill

The only skill what use this template is \records\skills\playerclass05\mindovermatter2x.dbr
It seemd to be a modifer likes 3)

but it still not work while I assign this modifier to other…

:stuck_out_tongue: So who can tell me what did this modifier do?

or,what kind of mistake I made?:frowning:

Try with a melee skill?

:cry: still not work~

sry for i got a wrong template name on the title…:frowning:

skillsecondary_attackradius works properly.

However, I always faild at skillsecondary_buffradius

It have no use for 1) 2) or 3)…

It may not work.

The only skill that used it is the now-defunct old-Reckless Power Modifier.

Edit: So my guess is you make it a modifier to a base buff skill and the stats on the modifier apply in an AoE radius around you while the buff is up?

:rolleyes: I wanted a additional debuff assgin to a base attack skill ------ I failed

then I thought maybe this only can be used to buff, just like skillsecondary_buffself ---- still failed

I tried many base skill to apply this modifier. But at last I never get any progress.