How do Celestial Powers bound to Raise Skeleton work?

So, I am playing a summoner Cabalist (currently at 68th level) and so far all of my Devotions are not pet-bound (Shepherd’s Crook, Typhus, Bonds of Bysmiel) hence I could not test this yet. But it occured to me, how would Celestial Powers bound to Raise Skeletons work? Seeing as there are 8 or even more of them, unlike the other pets. Does this mean that any summoned skeleton can trigger the Celestial Power? Or can all of them trigger it, separately? That would be rather devastating so I assume not…
Similarly, there are now items that allow you to have two Ravens or Hellhounds… would that work the same way?

Pets will have an individual chance to proc the devotion on a shared cool down.

This has been well-known since closed testing – I had already asked Praetorians like Superfluff to look at combos like the Flame Torrent + Raise Skeleton combo before AoM release, and other Praetorians like TomoDaK had also experimented with their own devotion combos with their test necros. This concept is explained in more detail as part of the “Special Topic: Devotions for Raise Skeletons (Necromancer Mastery)” section of the Pet Devotions for AoM guide. Here’s a portion of the article:

Refer to the article for additional information about cooldowns, AOE vs ranged restrictions, %WD, and lots more.

Thanks for the info and the quote. I expected this was asked before, but it was hard to look up.
I was thinking on linking Will of Rattosh to Skeletons, seeing as the Vitality Resistance decrease would be useful to happen near the skeletons - the Grimcalc site does not show skill recharge speed for that Celestial Power, though. is way better than grimcalc, fyi.

Some celestial powers do not have a cooldown, and they can be crazy good with effects like raise skeletons or curse of frailty that tick multiple times on multiple enemies. Just an absolutely crazy amount of potential procs.

From the Pet Devotions for AoM guide again:

Even if you don’t read the whole guide, you can find a lot of relevant info by using ctrl-F for the relevant keywords.

I read your guide, thanks. :slight_smile: I am not a min-max “get the calculator out” guy when it comes to gaming, I do minimal math only since for me math is very far from my idea of fun… :smiley: I posted this simply because I wanted a quick answer. So the short answer is that yes, non-cooldown (can we stop with the needless abbreviations? CD to me means, well, Compact Disc :D) Celestial Powers can trigger from all skeletons all at once, regardless of numbers, right? That I feel kinda makes them rather powerful in comparison to binding them to a single pet. Checking the others, Flame Torrent (Fiend) would be devastating too bound to them, given that it is an area of effect skill, imagine that triggering from 8 skeletons all the time.

I do wonder why you rank Dying God so high as a pet build skill when 2 stars of that constellation adds permanent pet damage, the third is a temporary buff that also drains a lot of HP (something most summoners won’t have much of since most pet build gear needs high Spirit, not Physique). The permanent +100% vitality damage of Rattosh I find more useful, especially since Master of Death will convert the Physical damage of most of your non-Skeleton pets (Blight Fiend, Hellhound) to Vitality damage too, and Skeletons and the Wraith does such damage by default. I can see Dying God being more useful for a Chaos/Vitality caster or a hybrid summoner who also uses Reap Spirit and Drain Essence for direct damage. The stun chance does seem nice though.


“the third is a temporary buff that also drains a lot of HP (something most summoners won’t have much of since most pet build gear needs high Spirit, not Physique)”

Hey there,

This is definitely the go to for pets. While yes it does drain a lot of HP it is worth the trade off. There are a a lot of items that give +HP regen and +HP regen % that I use so it does not drain my HP at all, even more so you don’t really notice it as there are a lot of life drain/healing (pet raven) that can be done to offset the dmg this Celestial causes.

You also mentioned that pet build gear needs high spirit, not Physique. I find it to be opposite. I have many chars max level/ Ultimate clear and to me Physique>Spirit regardless of the class.

The reason why to me Physique is so much better then Cunning and Spirit is the highest you have to go for pet items/jewelry/rings and all caster gear is around 650 spirit. Very few items, least none that I have seen yet require greater spirit. (there are alot of components that increase Mana Regen, so you don’t even notice only having 5,000 mana or below.

The same can be said for Cunning. While cunning does increase your Offensive ability and Phys DMG most equipment never asks you to go above 500 for guns/daggers/trinkets, etc. (Offensive and phys dmg I get from gear and Constellations.)

Physique on the other hand, the highest you can get is the best, as it adds 4 DEF ability per point, which is huge and 100% the most important stat (IMO) when it comes to ultimate. It also increases your HP and allows you to wear more of the armor in the game, which helps with resists/min maxing.

I know you said you don’t like to min/max but for me, OCD aside, when an item drops I want to use, it some times takes an hour before i can move all my gear around, change components/enchanments just to get back to where I was which is highest DEF/Resists/HP/HP regen possible. (most of my chars it costs 15000 per mastery point reset, sigh)

With my Cabalist while my skellies and minions rarely ever die, bosses always rushed me once in a while and I was getting deleted by this at 2100 DEF and 10khp.

I changed my stats some, added a lot more Physique and such putting my DEF at 2600 (no buffs, base) and now while my pets are still beast, i can take a hit much better and actually am able to have a reaction time to boss charges. Most of the time I can just walk though ultimate (minus the random “crap i just got deleted moments” when arcane bosses remove my buffs)

I have found great success with all my chars stats via Physique>Cunning>Spirit =Melee/ranged
Physique>Spirit>Cunning =Casters

As far as other stats go,in ultimate, its
DEF>Resists>offense ability>+ to Skills>Pet % or Personal % dmg/crit

Thanks for reading and hopes this helps some!

I think it depends what sort of pet build you are. If you are a Conjurer and need Shaman items, yes, many of those need Physique, like the Blessed Cleaver of Mogdrogen 2-handed axe. But I found that for my Cabalist, most Occultist or Necromancer pet gear needs spirit. Especially the various wands and off-hands (Black Scourge, Grimoir of Og’Napesh, for example). But you are right, after a while you can stop putting points into Spirit, since most pet resummons are not that energy-consuming.
I generally put 1 point to each in Spirit and Physique on every other level-up, and ignore Cunning totally since my Cabalist never uses direct attacks other than Reap Spirit.

Sorry, what do you mean 15000 per mastery point reset? I thought the spirit guide does that for a mere 25 iron per point.

Yeah, I hate Flesh Hulk/Colossi for this reason, and the place I almost died were one of the death rooms in the Bastion of Chaos where 3 Chthonian heroes spawned alongside those damn vitality/chaos shooting crystals in a small room, and also in the Flames of Valbury… now that place is a pain.

Well great, now the latest patch just… totally removed ALL the pet bonuses from Rattosh the Veilwarden. Guess I have to respec to go toward Dying God now for sure, as there are no other alternatives for a Cabalist (Mogdrogen the Wolf isn’t that great for that class pairing as for a Conjurer).

Rattosh, the Veilwarden: added 18 Vitality Decay / 3s and 20 Offensive Ability, replaced % Vitality Resist with 15% Pierce and Bleed Resist. Removed pet bonuses.