How do I make this build work?

How do I make this build work?

I’ve been trying to make it work since B25 (srsly). After the lvl 60 max build (B… 28??) I felt pretty excited about the Sharpshooter’s Set. At this moment, it’s working partially. His damage output is very good, he can kill anything within a matter of seconds… given that they don’t even touch him. It’s a glass cannon. More like a paper cannon.

I can’t even kill Log on elite. :frowning:

What can I do?

He’s based around piercing + crits.
(Skills + devotion:

I don’t know jack shit about commandos so I can’t comment there, but I will tell you why you are paper.

You put way too many points in cunning. This has resulted in you having very a tiny hp pool and poopy DA. Crits hurt!

Your resists are really really bad for late elite. Fuck the deeps and get tanky. Pick up faction gear with good resists, pick up any yellow/green with strong ele res or high values for 2+ resists. Put augments on everything if you can. You need highish chaos/vit for log even as ranger, poison/bleed are common in cthonic areas as well

First of all, those resistances are absolute ass.

Anyway, moving on, you have a lot of issues in your optimization I’d bet, and are you using your augments? Those are a TON of stats that are hidden away.

Looking at the skills themselves, you maxed Temper, which is the weaker half of the Flame Touched line, and left Flame Touched at only 1 point? Flame Touched is one of the strongest passive 100% uptime OA boosters you can get, and you have not a single point in Vindictive Flame, which at the very worst is an AS booster, and at the best it will also be boosting your MS if you were not MS capped already.

Devotions wise, Huntress is doing absolutely nothing for you, drop it. Living Shadow might work well for you, but I don’t think it will fix some of your core issues, which are low AoE and only moderate single target dps.

Also, honestly, the Firestrike line isn’t that good for the first two parts of the skill line, like 70%+ of the power is in Static Strike and Brimstone (1 of which will give you some much needed CC, the other much needed AoE shrapnel).

I think your best bet as a whole for salvaging the character would be to move it into a Fire based rifle user, which has a bit better support as a whole. The soldier levels are pretty heavily wasted sadly, and may not work even then due to how you have blown anywhere from 18 to 30 skill points into it, but I’m not sure what you can do about it. You sort of left yourself in a tough spot overall. If anything though, do at least max out the Brimstone line, max out Flame Touched, drain remove the points in base Fire Strike (The scaling on base Fire Strike is absolute ass, regardless of going for standard 12/12 or 22/12 overlevels. Meanwhile, Static Strike and Brimstone have some of the strongest overleveling in the game). I’m not sure if you should drop the Explosive Strike or not, it isn’t bad, but isn’t great either, it just works come later in the game. I’d prob say leave it maxed, but you are already really point strapped already.

Thanks. I think I’ll start another toon. I really want to make a rifle-pierce/physical based character. Do you think it can work as a Commando? Maybe move to another combo?

I didn’t put any point in Static Strike or Brimstone because they didn’t had pierce/physical dmg. About the temper points, I thought that the physical/pierce bonus would be nice. I was using the Cadence line until yesterday. Changed to do some tests about the AoE dmg. What do you think?
The Huntress const. was just to “store” the points :rolleyes:
or switch to cadence

I personally feel you’ll need War Cry maxed. Commando 2-handers don’t get the luxury of %damage absorption and in your case being a ranged 2-hander means no “Menhir’s Will” which is a double-whammy. Maxing MC will not save your build. I played through Ulimate with a 2-hander and the struggle is real even with good resists.

Your level 70 and your resists are WAY too low. The shops unlock the max level augments at 70 so farm some rep and get your poison, chaos and vit res high then logs damage won’t hurt you no where near as much. Also your missing some components on soem gear, fill all your slots. More survivability = more time dealing huge damage :slight_smile:

This Witch Hunter had the same problem of survivability. He’s at the Darius’ fight. After a few augments and components, his res are very nice, I think, and he’s not taking any significant damage anymore. Thanks, guys.

(Actually, most of my characters had this problem. I tend to forget about resists and focus on damage only. :rolleyes:)