How do I overcap my resistances?

I have 84 lightning resist in elite but want to boost to about 100% but adding more lightning resist augments doesn’t make any difference.
Do I have to find equipment that will give + to lightning resist?

If so that’s going to be a pain in the arse and puts me once again at the mercy of RNG which suxs.

“Overcapping resistances” when used by players in the community typically just means getting an excess above your maximum (like 84% (+100%) Lightning Resistance). You can see your resistance overcap in-game when you hover over a particular resistance on your character window in brackets.

What you are asking about is increasing your resistance cap which is a stat found on gear or through devotions and is more scarcer. Getting a max cap of 100% to something is difficult and usually requires sacrificing parts of your character elsewhere or can only be attained temporarily (e.g. through buffs like Blast Shield).

Thanks for the reply, that’s what I wanted to know.

How do I go about getting those Items? just pot luck?