How do I progress post Storyline/Leveling?

I have finished leveling, and story. So How do I progress? Is there a way to tell when its best to start doing Nemesis, Super bosses?

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If you’ve finished the story on Ultimate difficulty then you can hunt Nemesis, try the secret quests, etc.

Plenty of optional challanges:

  • dungeons unlocked with skeleton keys including death rooms inside
  • bosses like Rashalga, Kra’vall or even stronger ones that I dare not mention
  • bosses of secret quests
  • finish Crucible or go far in Shattered Realm

If you find one too easy, move on to the next. If you’ve done all that then I’m not sure how to “progress”.

Thanks for the replys.
All the suggestions were really helpful.

I hit 100 for the first time Monday. Completed Ultimate Tuesday. Short of Dungeon runs for gear. I was unsure what else there was to do. Because of the huge spectrum of possibilities I just wasn’t sure what the next dot on my road map to Awesomeness was. XD

Not sure if you own all the DLC but if you do, Id farm Lokarr till you have the full set, buy the difficulty merits to unlock elite and ultimate on a new character, and get to revered rep with Malmouth Resistance faction, then buy a bunch of those $40,000 XP potions they sell, drop Lokarr gearset in your shared stash along with the XP potions and the difficulty merit, start a new build in Crucible mode, grab the XP potions, difficulty merit, and Lokarrs gearset from the shared stash there, then exit and start a new game in the normal game mode. Use the XP potion, equip Lokarr set, use the difficulty merit, and in a few hours with some smart choices you should break level 50 on your new build!