How does BWC actually work?

  1. How often does the flat damage component of the skill proc. E.g. During the 4 second duration of BWC, will it only apply once?

  2. Will multiple sources of BWC stack?

  3. If an enemy were to stand in BWC’s AoE, will the DoT part of the skill continuously reapply? I’ve read somewhere that skills which hit fast (e.g. FoI) may prevent DoT’s from applying because the damage source is continuously getting refreshed. Is this the same for BWC?

  1. flat damage will hit once every second
  2. only the flat damage, not the dot
  3. I guess it’s applied again every second, but that doesn’t affect damage output, only for how long the dot remains after the bwc fades away
  1. Per second.
  2. No.
  3. I mean, the DoT is applied on the first tick. Like, your fire damage hits, so the first second of burn hits. If you hit 14 fire damage, and 300 burn over 3 secs, you’ll deal “114 fire damage” and apply a 200 burn for 2 seconds after that. Basically, the first second of burn is applied right after. If the burn would be applied after the skill ends, it’d be kind of pointless and actually idiotic since FoI would deal like 54 - 82 fire damage + 90 lightning damage (16/12/x/x skill level) and then apply its massive DoT when your skill ends, effectively making this skill literally useless. If this does work like that, though, I just don’t want to see this skill any more (*the DoT applied after skill ends).

So…does the flat damage component of the skill stack?

I’m (optimistically) inclined to believe avyctes because if it didn’t stack, BWC spam would be rather useless.

It really depends on how you understand “stacking”. If you mean by adding 50 damage per use, then no. It will deal 50 damage each time you use it, the first tick, but it won’t increase the damage to 100 per second.

Let’s say I have thrown 4 BWC’s over the span of 2 seconds, all at the same spot.

Enemy dumbass comes and stands in it.

Will the flat damage from each of these BWC ‘pools’ hit him?

This is not correct.

Flat Damage from multiple instances of BWC, SoC, GV, etc. will stack perfectly fine. DoT damage will not (though each instance will refresh the DoTs of any previous instance on each tick).

Yes. If it didn’t many skills would become quite shit :smiley:

Thanks for the clarification mates. :slight_smile:

I forgot BWC is a field skill, my bad. I somehow thought it’s a skill that you throw on a place, it explodes and applies a debuff to everything in its victinity (like Grenado does, except for the debuff part). I should use that skill again some day to better remember how it works. :stuck_out_tongue: