How does Mythical Arcanor work?

Sorry for the noob question. It says “100% Physical damage converted to elemental damage to forcewave” So does that mean it converts all the physical damage that forcewave does into elemental, or does it take all your normal physical damage, converts it to elemental and adds to the damage that forcewave already deals?

I’m asking because I assume it was the first one, but when I equipped the weapon, forcewave still showed that it was dealing physical damage and no elemental at all.

As far as i’m aware, it should convert all of the Physical damage on Forcewave itself (the bit on the skill tooltip beneath the % Weapon Damage) over to Elemental.

Yeah, it should be the first one. I assume there’s a bug or you’re running another full conversion that takes precedence over the item itself.

Hmm, I see.

I thought so as well, but when I hover over the forcewave button, it shows that it’s dealing an amount of main hand damage and an amount of physical damage.

Aaaaand now I unequiped everything but the sword just to check if anything is interfering and my game crashed. So I’m guessing this is a bug after all…

If you’re looking at the skill tooltip, the game doesn’t currently update it to show the converted damage. To see the proper converted damage, you need to equip Forcewave to your LMB slot (or RMB if LMB is a non-attacking skill like ‘Move Here’) and check your DPS calculations on the character window’s 2nd tab at the top. This will give you a full damage breakdown of Forcewave’s damage including modifiers (such as Rending Force) and the % Weapon Damage component.

That is if you get manage to equip it without crashing :rolleyes: