How does Savagery work exactly?

I understand the charge levels and the transmuter/modifier interactions but how does Savagery itself interact with other physical damage skills?

I’m currently running a physical/bleed Warder and I have noticed that the % Weapon damage on the skills I use (Savagery - 150%, Oleron’s Might - 260% and Rebuke 500%) stays the same, HOWEVER, the damage numbers themselves scale with every stack of Savagery. I thought Savagery just affected bleed/lightning flat and % bonuses of itself.

I have spent the last 30-40 minutes testing this out on enemies and dummies (so I can see if the realtime damage increases and it does, even disregarding min-max damage rolls and enemy armour/resists) and this is what happens:

Savagery Main Hand Damage (MHD) 150%. Actual physical damage (from the tooltip not sheet dps) increases from 4236-11712 at 0 Stacks to 5563-13787 at 8 stacks.

Rebuke MHD damage at 0 stacks is 12732-35388 increasing to 16471-41393 at 8 stacks.

Oleron’s Might MHD damage at 0 stacks is 6621-18402 increasing to 8565-21524 at 8 stacks. The flat physical damage portion of OM however, is 2277-4527 at 0 stacks increasing to 2504-4980 at 1 stack and then remains the same regardless of how many stacks I have.

Any insight into how and why this is would be appreciated (not savvy enough to data mine myself or however one find this information). Sorry for the long post.

Edit: Do the stacks affect Might of the Bear’s 10% All Damage component at all? That could explain it tbh.