How 'far' do you get in one game?

It’s becoming clear to me that I will never be able to get ALL the skills and devotions by the time I finish. I’m level 37 and nearing the end of Chapter 2. I see builds with just tons of skills, etc that I don’t know how I’ll ever get to.

What level do people generally complete the game at? Is there a way to get more skills outside of leveling? How about devotions?

Am I missing something? Do I need to farm rather than just complete the quests?

I tend to complete Normal around level 36-38, beating Cronley at ~25 and reaching Act 3 ~30. If you don’t intend to try the higher difficulties, you won’t see the higher echelons of gear and levels, no. If you do, however, you should wind up at least around 75 by the time you finish Ultimate, which would allow you to find and equip more or less everything in the game. While you may need to farm a little bit for Ultimate, for the most part, all of the above is done in one clean motion with minimal backtracking.

I’m normally level 50-52 at the end of Normal (Veteran) and about level 68-90 by end of Elite

First time i played, i believe i finished Normal somewhere around 50-55, 53 i think.

check your avatar for current max level :smiley:

Max 85 is a thing of the past, have already been seeing a lot of lvl 90+ characters online:p

You can import your current character in to this build calculator here

Click the button at the top left
Use S, D, and C to switch between Skills, Devotions, and the Character sheet
Click the classic Share icon to get a link to the build so we can see what you’ve done

Your statements have me curious to how you might be building your character. You can have two full mastery trees maxed and open by 50(ish) with some room to spare and Normal has 28 Devotion shrines that can be unlocked. With a current max level of 85 and a total of 50 shrines you can easily be well on your way to picking and choosing the skills you desire by level 50 onwards.

Completing the quests and moving forward is the best way to gain levels. GD actually requires little farming as you progress, unless you choose to do so. I usually save farming on Normal/Vet til near the end of the difficulty and that’s only to gain access to a few things. By that point what I’m farming for is well within reach and requires little time before I am satisfied and ready to move on to Elite.

I will say this… this right here is bad thinking. No, you can’t have all skills (unless you want to spread your points thin and have mostly underdeveloped skills) or all Devotions. That defeats the purpose of planning and designing (effective) builds in an arpg.

Unless you die alot you will reach level 85 around rotting croplands in ultimate, (doing SoT and BoC in normal and elite this is clearing all maps) if you skip rogue dungeons in normal and elite (which I do) I think you hit level 85 before gates of necropolis. you cap devotions I think at undergroumd city or SoT. I’d wait to cleanse others till after xpac.

Those builds you see with a huge amount of skill points are builds that have gear with +# <Skill> in them. Things like Peerless Eye of Beronath that give +1 to All Skills are fantastic and you’ll also stumble across pieces of gear that have +1-3 of different specific abilities. So no you won’t get all the skills or all the devotions, but, with the appropriate gear you can sometimes throw 1 point into a skill and come out with 4 or more depending on the gear you’re using.

Also there’s the hidden path on all difficulties which would give you an additional 3.