How goes it?

Greetings GD community,

I feel like I’m a little late to the party, having only just stumbled across this game today. I think GD has huge potential, but being pre-alpha, understandably isn’t quite there yet.

My main qualms are:
Interface appears a little clunky and dated - the mana/health bar especially. I understand of course that Crate may be trying to avoid the commonplace health/resource ‘orbs’ that bookend the interface in other similarly styled games, but I still feel there is a better way than the current minimalist literal ‘bar’ of health.

Secondly, (and finally, I might add) as in Path of Exile the character movement appears a little let’s say…sticky while casting certain spells. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, it feels a little out of place (but entirely badass) to pull out a flintlock/hand cannon at melee range, only to be rewarded with a significant decrease in the animation speed/cast time. The same goes for the laying of mines/traps I believe I saw in a video - the overarm-styled mine deployment seemed frustratingly slow and impractical in a fully-fledged, fast-paced battle (even though the action itself is effective, it’s simply the drawn out casting animation that is distracting).

I feel both of these issues would be easy to address, and other than this I am loving the look of the game. Simply had to buy the loyalist pack, but totally bummed that I missed the opportunity to fuel my rampant narcissism by having my name in the credits. :furious:

:eek:Well, this post got out of hand quickly - sorry for the TLDRness.:eek:

oh, lastly - Please please please release announce the 5 classes. I have only heard soldier and occultist?


Welcome to GD, and do enjoy your stay here.

The other three masteries or how would you say it “class” is Demolition, Nightblade, and Arcane.


This should give you an idea.

Welcome to the Cult of Crate. I note that you are a fellow Australian?

With the health bar I myself find it very appealing and suitable for the game, but that, such as your belief is a matter of opinion. It doesn’t matter what Crate does, somebody will be unhappy with the look of it, but that’s just life. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway as for your concerns with the animations I believe (after checking the media section) that the last video was from May 2012, almost a year ago.

The animations have probably been smoothed out by now, and with the Alpha just around the corner we will get to test the game out and find out for ourselves how clunky the actions will be.

If there is a more reascent video I’m too lazy to look for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

1: Health bars/globes: Modding.

2: Attack animations: Old footage as someone else said, otherwise this is what the alpha is for: testing and giving feedback.

So yea… welcome and we’ll see how things go for Grim Dawn.


Well, if you don’t like the bars. I’m sure someone will create a HUD with globes once the game is released.
Crate is allowing for this game to be modified.

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay here!

I personally have no issues with the HUD or the bars, but I’m sure someone will change the HUD, as the HUD in general has been brought up a few times,

as for the animation, well those videos were done by two part time staff, but also the game did have some technical problems with that area too, however, the team have recently got a full time senior animator, (Tumbledown) and he knows the engine very well, plus the issues that I’ve mentioned are probably been sorted out by now

but the game is pre alpha, anyway, so things like this are to be expected

but welcome to the forums, glad you have found us, its nice to see that new backers are finding this game and are willing to support the game

but anyway, the alpha is around the corner, so you can wait in line like the rest of us while we wait for this awesome game

Welcome to Grim Dawn, a world where its never too late to join! :slight_smile:

Bars or globes, is a matter of personal preference. Personally i love the new HUD design. But like others already said, mods will give us the opportunity to do whatever we want with it, so its not a big deal.

I think animation won’t be an issue in the final release.


How goes it?

Harder to wait everyday. I keep hoping my next check in will give me the option to download the alpha.

I check about every 6-12 hours.

That’s how it goes >.<

Oh ya. Welcome to the forum, good timing by the way, don’t worry.