How is WPS Purifier doing these days?

Haven’t been able to play the game for almost a year, just been too busy to do much of anything. I know there’s been some changes so was wondering how they are doing? They were always my favorite to play since I have some hand issues so the fewer buttons I had to push the better, and they were great for that. If they’re still good, which build would you recommend? There are a few in the build compendium but wasn’t sure which one to look at, especially with 2H vs DW. Thanks!

See Valdun, Dagalon or Desolator purifiers. Wps are doing fine but you need demolitionist and Fire Strike to see their full potential. Storm Spread plus Brimstone is still the best fireworks in the game.

I planned to go more or less full WPS with fire strike, just not entirely sure where to look at this point. The only one I was able to find with your recommendation was a caster Purifier which wasn’t what I had in mind. Full casters are a bad idea for me, too many buttons to push, too often, too much pain.

DW or 2H is more or less a matter of taste these days I’d say. There are strong builds with both. In general, Purifiers are doing really fine. So you have a lot of different flavors to choose from.

Here are two builds I play myself.
mad_lee’s “Top Gun”: Very easy to play, 5 buttons including movement skill. You basically just shoot things.

A bit more buttons to press, but great fireworks:
“Inquisitus Deletus Criminalus” by the jabrixone. I really love this one. But mad_lee’s build has less buttons to press.

Welcome back to GD!

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Thanks. How would you say the Top Gun version compares to this one? [] Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+] They seem pretty similar, and yet at the same time completely different. I love how many variations builds can have in this game :slight_smile:

Both are definitely top level builds. You can’t go wrong with either of them. Besides that, you can always respec and try out something different. :grinning:

When it comes to leveling and gearing up, the “BIG GUNS” might be a bit easier. mad_lee’s build relies on pierce damage - and needs the items in his GT to work as intended.

afanasenkov26’s build uses fire damage - which is a “native” damage type for a Purifier. No damage conversion through special items needed. So you could work towards the final setup step by step and always have a playable build. OFC not as good as the original build, but it will work with other items supporting fire damage, too.

EDIT: Try to get the blueprint for the Desolator and craft one ASAP though. It is a very important core item. A lot of the damage comes from this weapon.

I played both (actually created one and helped with testing of another one) and Top Gun is definitely a stronger build overall. Desolator is a bit tankier, but they have same consistency since Top Gun got crazy single target damage and crazy adtch.

I’d say both are great for endgame, but if you have weaker PC Desolator will be a bit laggy because of the pierce thru + brimstone + wps interaction.

So I went looking through some leveling guides, was wondering if there was a general skill progression thing for WPS Purifier floating around? I remember there were some for older builds that might have been useful but they appear to have been lost with the forum migration. The whole balance of stat points and skills always seems to throw me off. I know sometimes it’s better to stick 1 point in skills and go for stats, and sometimes it’s better to cap a skill immediately because it’s just that good for leveling. I ended up capping Fire Strike and Explosive and just seem to be slowly working into inquisitor now for some healing? Maybe a point into the procs on the way? I dunno. I am bad at this :stuck_out_tongue: