How many farmers are really needed?

The in-game count of recommended number of farmers seems really far off. I get there are variables like timing on crop rotations, travel time, etc…But even with identical rotation timings on various fields, half or less the recommended number of farmers seem to get the job done just fine. It seems to me that going low on laborer’s has a much greater negative impact, than not having enough farmers.

My current save is telling me I need 60+ farmers, but 20 seem to be handling it fine right now. Why is the tooltip so off? It seems like it is just adding a static count for each field and not taking into consideration the other fields being handled by the same crew.

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Yeah i noticed too, that only 50% are more then enough.

But if you start to have many bee hives all around, and everyone is picking up the wax and honey, then you could end up late with planting the seeds.

I had this once on a field where ich was only at 1/3 of farmers adn the timing was bad.

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Thats the point. Think of how many farmers can do the job at the crops well, and think about how many of them (or more) should be able to get honey and beewax to store. If you use the same team, either your harvest or your honey will spoil, because of timing.
And possibly will end up like me: farmers dropping items everywhere because they cant complete an activity without having something more important to do at the ssme time.
If you have idle labourers, apply them to these activities. Better than having less…

The number of people needed and the area of a piece of farmland are correlated, and my test results are that the optimal construction ratio of farmland is 8*9, so only 3 farmers are needed.
And don’t choose to expand the farmland, because it will require more people, I don’t know why the expansion will require more farmers than the one-time construction, I hope that the problem can be fixed in the future

:honey_pot: I think that (as of v.7.4) honey doesn’t spoil. :honeybee:

Not sufficient number of farmers lowers the result of working the field in case of weeds and rockiness. The more You have the higher the impact after single job done. So it’s good to keep a lot of them when creating and preparing new fields.

Additional note: Farmers carry stuff from fields to storage soo they will take longer time to do that and raise the chance for item to spoil.

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