How many Preservists?

Just went back to my very hard Graveburg map to try something and along the way I built a Preservist. Checking in the Professions window that I wasn’t missing any bodies needed I saw I was short 2 workers in that building, but when I looked at the building itself it only has 2 workers because that’s the starting number and I haven’t added to that given that I’m short of labourers. I only have the 1 Preservist building; I checked the map and it’s the only one I have.

Also showing in the empty slots icons for being exposed to the elements and hide coats.

Edit: And when I went to the Professions window to reduce the number back down to 2 …

Building doesn’t even have 10 slots! :roll_eyes:

Have you tried filling all 10 spots using the profession window and then clicking on the search glass icon to scroll through each worker? That will show you where that other preservist building is hiding out. I know you searched for one but it is easy to miss a building in the game.

No, but I did have the buiding highlighted which should show up any other ones I had.

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