How much cunning should I be aiming for in a caster?

Hi guys,

currently running a Dreeg’s Eye poision caster. However I seem to be coming up short on Offensive Ability which means current at level 33 I’ve only 83% chance to hit the town training dummy.

So my question is is it worth invest in cunning to increase OA? As a good few times the fact my main attacks miss has nearly got me killed!


Cunning increases your OA by 0.4 per point. It’s usually better to get it from other sources (gear, devotion, components etc.) first.

Hawk, Panther and Viper are all good, early sources of OA with Chariot coming a bit later but providing a fair amount as well if you pick it up.

You can also try using the Chains of Oleron or Roiling Blood components or using the Fervor relic as well.

Cunning isn’t worth it on a caster. Devotions and gear are much better. My guess is that you have to many epics or rares with % increased damage but no offensive ability equipped. %inc dmg isn’t that great of a stat and a typical trap for a beginner. Oftentimes a single rare (or even magic) item with an “of attack” suffix bought from a vendor will do more for your dps than three random epics combined with 30ish % increased damage each.