How to - almost - fail HC Crucible :D

Hi all,
today i decided to do the crucible gladiator with my Spellbinder and I had something like 2 close calls.

  1. When Mad Queen spawned I was surpised that she used her shotgun attack that fast, the proc from my off-hand saved me!
  2. At the last waves I got 2 valdaran teleporting me left and right in between them and Mosilauke. I won’t choose that map ever again, it definitly made it worst then it is.

Here it is :
Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Why you cut the loot part? :furious:

How to get this achievement? Unstoppable Lord of the Crucible
Complete the Crucible on Gladiator Difficulty with the 6th Spawn Point active.

After every 150 wave completed add a spawn from Lokarr options and finish again 150?

And Celestial Guidance / Activate 25 Celestial Blessings.
Is this just 25 blessing over time for one character or needs to be done in one map/session (not sure if possible).

Tell Lokarr to do better.

Should be over time.

Anyway, guys, what is your favorite Crucible map and why is it Crucible of the Dead?

entertaining run!

I would suggest you have some aether clusters ready just in case for grim situations like you experienced in the final wave, helped me a few times already.

Yea a cluster could be safer, espcially a character like this where I didn’t know what do expect. Before doing the crucible I always try my character against some Nemesis. The Nemesis that I tried were Fabius, Iron Maiden and Grava’Thul. The Crucible went ok but if I do it again with this build I won’t chose that map, i can tell you that :stuck_out_tongue: