how to beat The Sentinel on elite?

ok so i’ve a battle mage level 67 following this build.

Now my DPS because it’s my first character and have no prior gear waiting for me is around 4.1k and nearly max resist with ointments.
I’ve 8.2k HP.

So i can’t kill the sentinel on Elite because he have some sort of damage mitigation and regen that he offset my DPS “because i’ve to run around while waiting for my pots to recharge”.

Do you guys wait more tell you are more powerful or what?
I died 4 times already and lost a good chunk of my XP.

Kite him away from the green pillars- they greatly buff his regen.

Level up and fight him at either 70 or 75 depending on the level requirements of your endgame gear… It’s always easier when you have all the legendary stuff your build was made for as well as the augments which require level 70.

From Normal/Veteran you already know what’s waiting for you on Elite, particularly those few enemies that could pose a real problem (Salazar, Lord Executioner, Sentinel, …). Just encounter them immediately after you’ve gained a level, and at least your XP-loss problem is solved. Honestly, with just a little patience there’s no reason to lose XP against such enemies.

What Guurzak said but even more reason to fight him away from the green pillars.

They not only increase his regen by a retarded amount but also his OA DA attack speed, damage. AND it does it for his eldritch companions that are sommoned around him. So keep away from green pilars and get poison/acid reist to withstand his poison nova somp.

Thank you guys.
Followed your advise and kited him away from the green orb and killed him no death.

My wrist hurt though.

Never fight it when it’s next to a green pillar. That pillar gives him a large aumont of OA, DA, total speed and health regen.