How to create authentic level 100 character using GD stash?

I want to test my build but I don’t want to level another one character and at level 100 discover that this is not what I wanted. So I tried to use GD stash, reddit advised to create character, start the game, then close Grim Dawn, open GD stash, give yourself enough experience points, then start the game again, kill one mob and the game will level the character to the 100 level. And that’s happened, HOWEVER, the character has way less health and energy than it should. Level 100 Warder has like a little more than 8000 health (with all points distributed). Any suggestions why is this happening and how to fix it?

Just download a blank L100 character from here

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or make a copy of a finished char, so you have all quest progress and skill points etc…

  1. backup char folder
  2. rename with stash.
  3. restore backup to get old char back
  4. edit renamed char like you want to.
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I do this thing way different for obvious reasons shown in your op post:

  1. Download GD save file editor from odie (search in google if u can’t find it)

  2. Now when u get your grimtools link copied (I suppose can be empty geared as well if u don’t want it finished), go here:

  3. I promise it’s not a virus site or anything, it’s from these players who wanted to do exact thing but faster (theory crafting wise) and after u get .json file from there downloaded… drag it over gd save file editor.exe

  4. You will need to input a name, a level I think and it will do everything fot you after that.

  5. Tadaaaa, hope it works. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow, guys, thank you! I definitely gonna try these methods!

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