How to increase my survivability as warlock(arcanist main)

Currently leveling in act 2(level 37) and my hp drops quite easily( although i died two times only). I only put 5 points on occultist skill tree and the rest went to PRM (first and forth),Devastation, Reckless Power, iskandra’s elemental exchange(overload only) and mirror of eroctos(1 point only). currently have 2k hp and probably 0 resist of anything. I know this is the problem. My dps is quite nice though around 2k and my clear speed is good.

So my question is, where should i spend my skills and attributes? I have also lion in devotions( thanks to crucible, i have 21 points in late act2).

Reckless power this early is kinda of no use better focus some points in Maiven’s sphere of protection and go into the occultist tree for blood of dreeg + synergy. About attributes overall plan ahead to check what cunning/spirit you would need for gear all else into phys (some devotions give attributes and some gear lowers attribute requirments ). Devotions are highly well personal preference but usually you go with offensive devotion for the veteran diff. In your case something like rhowan’s crown , scholar’s light etc. Also hmm I kinda don’t see your source of CC - may be some CoF for slowing mobs down and/or olexa’s flash freeze (Yes not much of a use on bosses but still)

Well, you have the following options: The masterybars for stats and base hp, defensive skills (heal, damage reduction, crowdcontrol, mitigation), defensive devotions (flat hp and % hp, resists, defensive ability, armor, healprocs, damage absorption) and gear.

Since it sounds like you want to do PRM, this would be a build suggestion (assuming you’ll have +5 to arcanist skills in the lategame) with a really tanky devotion setup:

For the leveling phase Turtle in devotions is a good option (it falls off dramatically in Ultimate, but its great for Normal/Veteran and decent for Elite) and a few points in Flashfreeze for the cc can work wonders too.
(Be aware that you can always respecc skillpoints and devotion points, so you can work your way foreward.)

Oh yeah: and put statpoints mostly into physique. As much spirit as required for gear, rest into physique.

2k hp is alarmingly low even for a mage. How many points have you put in phys/cunning/spirit? My mages put 3:1 in phys to spirit. They have so much mana and damage from mastery bar and abilities without extra spirit. Just need to live

If you need base stats asap you can take points out of abilities and put them in the mastery bar. Gets a ton of base stats. Ofc this cant be undone so dont do like 20 points at once, just a handful. Then put them back in damage as you lv up

Also you can look into crafting nice add ons for resistances and armor

Good thing that’s his dps, not his hp. :wink:

My suggestion as an occultist-heavy warlock is to get sigil of consumption, since IME it earns some serious life gains on packs of trash and boss adds. This is especially true if you OFF said pack and then drop sigil, forcing them to hold still while it siphons their hp directly into your repeatedly slammed chest.

Where you’re seeing his dps… Read up from it a little closer.

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Hah, whoops. I misread it multiple times, guess my brain just couldn’t grasp 2k hp at 37!

ya it happened to my friend too. He was playing AA demolitionist and put literally every point into cunning and the AA skill tree. He didn’t choose a 2nd class until like 45. He had like 2300 hp at lv50, where we started elite. He got one shot by every boss we encountered until he had to COMPLETELY respec and redesign his guy since he would just get one tapped. He build pure damage because I was playing a fighter tank and on norms everything died before it could reach him, if it even aggro on him at all