How to just finish game at level 100

Hi guys, i searched for a long time, but cant find answers (perhaps i’m bad), so here is the question :

My goal is to reach level 100 the nearest possible of the end of the game in ultimate with its two extensions included, in clearing 100% of all maps, but with no farming, and no endless (crucible or realms).

So, at your advice, which level should i start the ultimate ?

I played an underlevelled Death Knight that kill Loghorhean Veteran at 43, Elite at 70 then finish the game at level 93. That’s without forgotten gods and without potion XP. I think with forgotten gods, you are surely be within 100 especially with mob at AoM and FG are so packed.

I once started ultimate at level 82 or something, wasn’t a big deal at all. Self-found gear only.

Don’t use xp potions and start between 75-80.

When you reach 75 to equip mythical sets, or 70 for armor augments if you want to rush.

Thanks everyone for accurate answers, it will greatly help.