How to just increase monster health and damage?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to just increase monster health and damage, not to increase monster spawns. This is a very small change and I haven’t found any mods that already do this.

One way of doing this might be to edit the existing difficulties of the game.

Is there a way to edit Veteran/Elite/Ultimate difficulty scaling, like changing a multiplier in a text file or something like that?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks!


this changes the scaling of enemies per difficulty/per player

12 ranks total, first 4 are for normal difficulty, 1 step per player. Next 4 are for elite difficulty, 1 step per player, and the last 4 or for ultimate

There is another difficulty file elsewhere for veteran if you want to change that specifically, it’s in the same directory as the file above.

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Thank you so much!

Is “Veteran” = “balancingadjustment_challengemode_enemies01”?

I couldn’t find another plausible file name for Veteran mode.

Yeah, that’s probably it.