How to Level Faster / Farm Legendaries?

How do people quickly level to 90+?

I’m at roughly 1.5 days playtime on my character and I’m in the early 80s. That’s… quite a lot more than I’m used to from, like, Path of Exile, for instance. Any quick ways to do that?

And while we are at it, how can I farm more Legendaries? Seems like my build is starting to lack damage because I’m missing some key Legendaries.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Umm, mostly it’s faster with a second character using a shared-stash for potions and stuff. You can also get these at higher levels…but I doubt if the experience potion is reasonably available in normal difficulty. It’s a faction high-reputation purchase…so it is possible - but probably a bit grindy, and you could be at 100 by the time you grind that out.

You can pop a GT link on this thread and peeps can suggest alternative items until you find exactly what you are seeking for a legendary. Some of the fun can be varried item success in self-found.

If you search the forum, you can find a few threads about efficient grinding of items.

Well, for one, old Google links no longer work. You can google enough topics, but finding the right threads again each time is so tedious now.

Anyway, my build is Lightning based and I’m trying to farm Glyph of the Storm Witch for my build.

Can you target farm such items? I have all DLCs. I’m kinda a bit under pressure, since I have till Sunday to scrap at least some of the items together for my YouTube video series I will be starting then.

Nope, most drops in the game are random ones.

But Legendaries can drop anywhere in Ultimate or just from bosses?

Just an FYI - the forums built-in search is pretty damned good. Try it out sometime.

As for dead Google links… take any thread titles with dead links in Google and slap 'em into the forums search to “re-find” them.

I am aware of that method, but thank you.

I’m more talking about finding specific replies. Say, person X replied to person Y with useful information. Now, I click the link and get redirected to the forums. Link doesn’t work. I go back, copy title, search for title in forum. Then I gotta click through every page of that thread and Ctrl + F each page until I find the exact reply. Since apparently the search function doesn’t allow for “search exact match”.

Hmm. Indeed. If you say so.

Get your enemy faction notoriety up to Nemesis status as soon as you can. I farmed Nem bosses almost exclusively until I solidified my char enough to run it through ultimate SR up to 60/61 and then just farmed that until I was basically swimming in legs.

That is not surprising. You got the entire sentence, and the likelihood of it being one of the few is absurdly high. Especially since it was recently indexed.

Here ya go:

Edit: Ok, just noticed I misread that. You meant to search the thread. Well, I guess that works. That one must have slipped past me.

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Does it matter which Nemesis I farm? Do they reset every game session?

Only if you want their MIs. And yes, they reset every session.

I wanna farm the Ultos set. Does it matter if I farm a Lightning based Nemesis? There’s 1, as I recall reading recently.

Some Nemesis were given lower drop rates due to them being easier to find. Fabius, Iron Maiden and Zantatin if I remember correctly.

I see. The wiki lists a total of 6 Nemesis. Is that up-to-date?

I’d probably parse GrimTools to show Nemesis and go by that instead.

And if you are using a wiki other than the Gamepedia one here:

The old wiki shows only 6 (always use the one at the link above instead - it’s “more” up-to-date - and the wiki below is no longer used):

The guys here have answered you already but I would also point out that certain Nems are going to be easier than others just based on your particular char’s stats and what they’re resistant to, etc. I still can’t kill Grava lol but I’m terrible anyways so whatevs I just pretend he doesn’t exist in the game. :rofl:

Also some of them have way more potential spawn points than others (Kuba and Kai are 2 in particular) so it’s a lot harder to farm them efficiently. I personally farmed Alex the most, he doesn’t have a helluva lot of spawn points and I combined it with a run to Zombie Krieg to add some variety. Just avoid that meteor and you’re good. :+1:

Oh. Thanks a bunch. I was using this for reference:

Appears to be very outdated, then.

Yup… that’s the old one. The person who created that one ended up moving from Fandom to Gamepedia a long-time ago. Shortly after that Zantai “declared” the Gamepedia one to be the “official” one.

When it comes to monsters and items and the like tho - GrimTools will always be the more up-to-date/accurate place for that type of information.

Ok. Thanks for all the replies. More grinding, then… :weary: