How to make a cold Sorcerer ?


So, while looking for a new character, I thought that it would be cool to make a Sorcerer that use both Fire and Cold. Like, a cold Fire strike. Would it be better to use the Shard of Beronath component ?

Problem is that I don’t see any item which boost exclusively fire and cold (Crate please, make some), I see no skill that use both (well, except elemental damages). So, I guess I don’t have a lot of choices, I have to boost Elemental Damage or convert the physical damages from Fire Strike & transmuters to Cold (Starpact, Deathshill ammo, etc).

Another thing is that I’m really bad at creating a build, it takes ages and in the end it’s far from being good.
So, I’m not looking for a complete build handed to me, but for a few tips devotion wise and skill tree wise if it can be viable.

I don’t have much items in the stash, so it will be mostly self found.

Thanks in advance.

No Cold support
No Cold RR
No actual Cold skill

Maybe as a gimmick you could do it

But you’d be better off doing a Cold-based Warlock or even Witch Hunter

Well, my actual main is a poison DW Witch Hunter, so I would like to avoid another Occultist for the moment.

Not surprised that it can’t really be viable though, I was kinda expecting it after checking the GD Item Database. Thanks for answering anyway, much appreciated.

-It might be, try it.

-But the lack of RR is something i personally find troublesome

-If you want to play Cold Caster then i recommend Phantasmal Blades Spellbreaker (My build) Or Winter King’s 2h Spellbreaker (By Sobertooth)

or if you have patience wait for the elemental skills of the esteemed inquisitor and who knows a cold-death dealing necromancer is on the way :rolleyes: