How to make Grim Dawn more successful

As you can see, the game is named “Grim Dawn” and not “Diablo 2”. I understand some people wish to see something diablo 2-like, with modern techniqhues and improved gameplay (including me). But each game have his own gameplay, style, and should be enjoyed the way it is.

As if you say legendaries are easy to get, well yeah, you get at least half of the legendaries of the game before to be one which work for your build.

I’m all for it. Too bad they never have the intuition to actually read such things… no matter how hard you sticky them to the top.


All too eager to “improve” the game with their perfect suggestions to bother reading. :undecided:

Diablo 2 has spoken, IT MUST BE OBEYED.

claws own face off in agony

There really has been an influx of these kinds of posts lately though, hasn’t there?

…I feel like this thread isn’t gonna rank too high on the “most welcoming introductions to new members” list. :eek:

How to make Grim Dawn more successful: focus on single player and make it much more more grim and sad. Live up to its name: add more blood and gore, more sadistic rituals and obscene demonic stuffs. Put 1 or 2 more masteries and call it a day.By them doing that the game will be talked about for many years to come.

Then enter GD2, a story for another day!

Pfft those are all basic things. The real reason why Grim Dawn isn’t successful is because we don’t have enough bridges. Ashes of malmouth - zero bridge repair quests (lazy devs:furious:)

Grim Dawn: Forgotten Bridges

Well, I know ARPG where broken bridges can’t prevent you from getting to another side. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry too much, multiplayer bridge repairs that require a minimum of three people to fix are essential to GD’s long-term success, so I’m sure we’ll see some soon. :wink:

The last expansion will have tons of bridges to repair. You’ll need 10 stacks of scrap to get to the final boss.

Grim Dawn: A Bridge Too Far

We still need MOAR!

The final superboss will need to be a giant bridge, requiring all bags to be full of scrap. The twist to make it truly challenging?

You have to walk there, from the nearest stash, juggling a random required component.

Truly unbeatable by all but the most dedicated.

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If the surface of the bridge is an unbroken damage floor, I’m in.

Wow, someone else then me beating a never-alive dead-horse :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t agree with the OPs ideas either, but the amount of negativity towards him/her is uncalled for. He/she clearly means well in wanting the game to be more successful.

Some people in here should take a step back and consider not posting at all, instead of repeating “you’re ideas are terribad” when it’s been said many times over. Threads like these die faster that way.

This can’t seem to be repeated enough on the forum.

I get it that people are wary of changes to something they like that they perceive are negative, but maybe give us some credit that if an idea is actually bad for the game…we won’t implement it?

To forum regulars, conversations like these may feel repetitive or like they are beating a dead horse, but a newcomer to the forum isn’t going to be aware of Every conversation that happened over 9 years. This does not necessitate that you post in every feedback thread you disagree with though.

You cant just copy a bunch of stuff from Diablo 2 tho lol. Grim Dawn was built as a single player ARPG. Not around MP or PvP.

The only thing I would like to see from D2 being brought into GD is more targeted drop farming. Much like how Krieg and Lokarr set work. With the amount of drops in the game, and the reliance builds have on them, it would be nice if you could focus your time in certain spots, knowing the item you are after specifically drops from a mob/area…maybe do this for set/items that only have a lvl 94 version(?). As it is, it’s pretty much a crap-shoot, and can get frustrating (especially if you have to go to something
like gdstash), although not something I would even consider quitting the game over.

I totally agree.

Regarding the suggestions:

1), 4): I’d love to have some PvP/competitive modes in GD, but it is not going to happen because the game is totally moddable (let’s say you can “cheat”). However nothing prevent you to play with up to 3 friends in multiplayer and do PvP if you want (there is an option for this when you host a game).

  1. Drop is high compared to most games, I agree, but trust me: finding the needed gear for a certain build is not easy as it seems :stuck_out_tongue: You drop a lot of legendary, yes, but how many of them are useful for your characters?
    Also this drop-rate is a great help for casual players and for who likes to make many characters.

How intresting would the PvP even be when the damages range from 100k+ upwards?
First one to hit wins.
But I do admit testing builds against each other does sound interesting though we kinda need a buff, that gives 1000000 health to PvP to make it interesting.

If the legendary drop rates decrease, then the randomness of which legendary item pops out needs to be reduced somehow, e.g. every respawnable boss has an increased chance to drop specific legendaries from a small pool.

Heck, that should probably be done anyway because farming sets is a nightmare.

With the next expansion Crate is adding a Transmute feature. You’ll be able to re-roll copies of a set to another piece of that set or re-roll it to a random piece of a different set.