How to mesure pets' DPS?

Hi All

Exacly like in the title. How do you mesure your DPS when playing pet builds? There are too many factors to include to make it easy. Any ideas?


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I usually only look at how much what hits, it takes a while if you don’t spawn one pet at a time (took me about 10 hours by my whole mass of pets). I managed to see that my skeletons hits for like 8 - 30k per hit, so ~19k per hit times 8, so about 152 with only skeletons, about 30k with other mastery pets and about 50 with two item pets. So now, I take the 152, add 302 and 502, and divide by pets, I have 8 + 2 + 2, so 12, and I get about 26k because my memory is shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use dummy kills, boss kills and also general farm speed to gauge pet dps. It helps that I have a few other toons to compare with.

Dashiv had a spreadsheet for basic pet dps calculation, but hell if I know where to find the stats you need for it, like OA and AS.

I think they should add a “Pet DPS” thingy under pet stats in the second page of inventory. Would help. Kinda… I mean I would not care at all, but would be cool to see it.

If you’re doing a DoT pet build, have fun :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note though, you can break it down into 4 main steps just like DaShiv does in his Dracarris Pyromancer - Base damage (including conversion), % Damage bonuses, Resist Reduction and % Crit Damage.