How to reach 50k Weapon dmg on Kobra.
I like new augments =)
Still inferior to maldakarred Kobra in MQ killtimes :undecided:

Does it even survive MQ? Looks like it’ll get 1 shotted by shotgun even tho it’s not ranged. That DA looks dangerous.

It aim to kill her before red thingy :eek:
289k tooltip Savagery DPS. Still does less dmg that maldakarr, regardless of 24% extra cold shread.
I think we don’t get something about WPS interaction. This thingy dropped her in 2 execution crits :wink:
Here is dummy kill

No RoS no fury:p jk

Is increasing the weapon damage by 70% instead adding the 70% weapon damage to the 330%? That would be insane.

Good question.
Lets see
165% WD on savagery400%Execution1.22 = 1574% Weapon dmg, not counting flat stuff on savagery/execution
3301.71.2*2=~2222 % Weapon dmg.

It’s Korba btw…