How to recover my non cloud save game

Guys, i wanna ask in my save files there is ultimate difficulty but in game why ultimate difficulty still locked? Please help me if anyone can solve this problem. Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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Looks like all three folders were created, well modified, at the same time.

Did you kill Loghorean on Elite? That’s the only way I know how you can unlock Ultimate.

Yea i’ve killed Loghorean in elite difficulty. But i want to tell something, my another problem besides cant unlock ultimate is 1 year ago i used the same char and already level 78. I used this 78 char to unlock ultimate and now i play GD again with that save files. My 78 char is gone and my 66 char is showed up.

Please help me i’m depressed with this problem :frowning:

Well, if your char was level 78 and had unlocked Ultimate and now is level 66 in Elite, the only conclusion is that you overwrote it with an older version that never made it that far.

As these are local saves, this can only be something you did.

If you have backups, search those for a newer version, otherwise you are out of luck or need to resort to editors.

Ok then but why the files have ultimate difficulty on my 66 char? Are this ultimate file is file that my 78 char have and i forgot to delete it?

It seems that this is the most plausible option as it’s not possible to have the Ultimate file if you haven’t unlocked Ultimate difficulty (ie kill Log in Elite)