How to test our own translations if they are accurate

I’m currently working on my own language’s translation, and would like to track my progress through testing it. How can I make it possible? I changed language.def’s content, and I also tried to look for my own language at the options, in the game options, but couldn’t find my own language. Also, I have added my own .zip file to the localization file.

I’m out of ideas. If you got any, please help. :eek:

First of all, i think that asking it in the Translations section (even if into your own Topic…),it could have been easier read by other translators…

Anyway, usually if you put your own ZIP into the Localization Folder of your GD game will do the trick, as long as it’s a standard zip file…
the filename it’s not important at all (i often use 2 or 3 different files, only renamed, for my check tests…), so one of the few things that I
could think of is a problem with your language.def file.
One of the Sticky Topic made by Rhis in the Translation section has in the Opening Post the requirement for that file, but it’s not the only
thing that could avoid the visualization of your newly added file in the Language Drop-down menu, but guessing what’s wrong would
be just like a guess in a dark cloud… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure i can help, but it would be a lot easier (and faster) having under my eyes your zip file to check it… a PM, if you wish, or,
even better, do a Reply into your own Topic in the Translation section and add the “beta” file as an attachment, so that i won’t be your
only resource for an help and i’m sure you’ll have an answer in few minutes.

Have you asked Rhis to add a font set of your language to the game? That’s the first step.

Your “language.def” file should look like this (it will work after the font set is added):


It exactly looks like this :smiley:

I’ll PM to Rhis to talk about font, and any other questions. Thanks a lot!