How to Unlock the Camera?


I want to do some more cinematic shots for my next video. I checked nexusmods for mods, and there is only 1 camera mod, though it only allows you to move the camera up and down.

What I want to do (one of the things): have the camera static, so that I can move my character from one side of the screen to the other (imagine running from left to right, but camera doesn’t move).

Do I have to find someone to mod it/do it myself? Can I change something in a file? Anyone know a mod that does this?


The character in most ARPGs is always in the center of the screen and I assume that’s hardcoded in most games of that type.

On the other hand, it would not surprise me if the GD engine allows free camera positioning, given that it is very modding friendly. You might wanna ask in the modding section, it seems possible to change camera behavior by editing certain files like gameengine.dbr. Might be only stuff like angle and zoom but the guys over there probably know more.