[HOW-TO] Use This Forum Effectively

Hello Powbam, I have a quick question:

Have you already discovered a function where you can mark all forums as read, as in the old forum?

It’s a thing to be notified about topics that you follow, but I miss because I sometimes read something in non-subscribed topics, the function, then everything I do not need then set completely from white to gray, so you not only see new posts and responses by notification, but also visually.

Maybe the men of Crate can unlock something there, should it not be set at the moment …

Linking within is done like this:

<a name='ANCHOR'>This is the link ANCHOR point where you will come back to!</a>


^Note the # sign in the <a href> tag above.

This I’m not sure I can help you with as I haven’t seen that problem. Perhaps it is something on your end with internet or possibly it could be the devs messing with stuff in the forums behind-the-scenes?

I just tried and it does not seem to work. As far as on the ‘card pop-up’ goes, it refuses any such bold/italic type formatting. I’ll try testing it out more and if anything works I’ll let you know.

Unfortunately I have not seen any such method. So far the closest I have seen is in the ‘New’ category to ‘Dismiss’:

And in the ‘Unread’ category you get a further option after you click to ‘Dismiss’:

With that said… I’ve been wanting a means to ‘Mark as Read’ too.

Ah, single quotes. I was going with double quotes…

Ty :blush:

Actually, you can use single or double. I just tend to prefer single personally.


If you end up having trouble getting it to work just leave the code intact on the posts you are trying to make it work with and I’ll take a look and see if I can spot the problem.

Hm… here is the link to the post: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Hey @powbam since I noticed,that my trust level reached member statua now and can edit tags.But how can create new ones?

Ok see here:

The <a href="#linktotop"></a> should instead be <a name="linktotop"></a>

You also have NOTHING within the TAGS.

<a name="linktotop">WORDS MUST EXIST RIGHT HERE!</a>

Remember the <a name> tag is the ANCHOR point, the point you want the <a href> to GO TO.

Also, the <a name> should NOT contain the # sign.

Be sure the # sign is only present within the <a href> tag.

<a href="#linktotop">Once you click me I am taking you to the "linktotop" ANCHOR point!</a>

It should show, in that field there, the words ‘Search or create’.

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Thanks,but it’s showed to me just search,no create option.Maybe is because am on phone version,but definitely not seeing that.

I just checked mine (this) thread on the phone and I see the option to create even on mobile. Not sure if this is something wrong with the forum settings itself. Perhaps Zantai configured something wrong. You might have to PM him to find out if there is an issue out of our/your hands.

I think, part of the problem is that,even my status is member and not basic,I am yet to earn a badge for that.I will wait to see if it’s changed,don’t want to start any alarms prematurely.

So turns out I was bothering you with something unrelated.

Yes, that is possible but don’t quote me on it :slight_smile:

Ah, a lot of stuff were mixed up. Yup, works fine now. Thank you for all the help :heart:

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It’s worth noting that you can actually encase <a name> and <a href> around <kbd> tags like I did in this thread:

^This jumps you to this:

So an example would be something like so:

<details><summary><font size=5><a name="ExampleFN"><kbd>Forum Navigation</kbd></a></font></summary>


^The ANCHOR point

<div align=center><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><a href="#ExampleFN"><kbd>▲</kbd></a><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd><kbd></kbd>

Which looks like so:

Forum Navigation

It even lets you use a blank <kbd></kbd> tag, if you want, as either/or the anchor or link.

<div align=center><a href="#ExampleFN"><kbd></kbd></a></div>

I see, I see. That is good to know. Personally I am too lazy for all that, but interesting to see the different ways in which you can format stuff :yum:

This thread definitely needs to be a sticky :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fantastic work @powbam

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I found a good Markdown reference at https://www.markdownguide.org/

Underline, font color and size as well as a different alignment can be done with BBCode

For colors I usually refer to this color table


  • That BBCode reference lacks the [details] and [spoiler] tags - the former should be use now instead of [spoiler2]
  • I’d be wary to use HTML - I could not scroll my now deprecated class table on my mobile phone, which is possible in the current HTML-free version
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Indeed. I’ve noticed there are other aspects you have to be careful with as well that don’t jive as nicely on mobile.Tables tho, are an odd bird on Discourse. On the one hand - it lets you use them. On the other - it doesn’t let you use any table attributes to customize them.

Making new Anchor right here! will make sense later… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m guessing Discourse has a Markdown parser with added BBCode support. Markdown naturally supports HTML to some degree, anything with a security risk is disabled and so are the majority of styling attributes (for Discourse).

as far as I can tell, we are using

because make small text with [small] is working and [aname=NAME] + [jumpto=NAME] have an effect:

it would replace the need for <a name + <a href respectively. I still prefer Markdown’s [text](#anchor-name) over <a href="#anchor-name">text</a> or [jumpto=anchor-name]text[/jumpto] though.

The table working better without HTML is probably due to Markdown putting a div tag with a class="md-table" as the table’s parent. You could try adding that div around your HTML table, maybe adding a class attribute to a div tag is possible.

jumping back to test anchor