How would u build Dreeg, solael and bysmiel in game?

Hey guys, I was wondering how would u build solael, bysmiel and dreeg in game?
I am not looking for flavor only builds but actual stuff that can clear ultimate while staying as true as possible to the lore of the characters.

I imagine bysmiel will be a summoner but will she be a cabalist or a conjurer? (it would seem a bit off if she forgoes occult for necromancy+shaman)

I always imagined solael as a vitality caster but a piece of lore i read said when he materialized at the altar he burnt the witches in eldritch flames, does that suggest a demolitionist of some sort with fire damage?

Dreeg is the guy with poison and acid but how would u build him?

All mastery and build suggestions that can perform well in ultimate are welcome

Dreeg is obviously an Occultist based on everything Dreeg I guess I would make him a Witchhunter as entity of that level are probably fast moving and dangerous both with their ability to cast and their strike.

Solael need to run with Witchfire obviously. The new item could allow for some conversion to Fire and make him into a Pyromancer. I guess the Eldritch flame could be a Doom Bolt with Chaos Damage Converted.

Bysmiel would probably be a Cabalist (obviously all 3 will be Occultist so iti s either Occultist/Necromancer or Occultist/Shaman).

Considering I only have one Occultist right now (Witchblade) I’m gonna follow that thread it is an interesting idea in itself.

Dreeg - moar green spheres flying around :stuck_out_tongue: I think a Warlock with Arcanist just for OA/crit dmg/cast speed support. Quillthrower of dreeg as a main weapon.

Solael - vitality as the main concept for sure. The main concept of Solael isn’t “witchfire”, it’s achieving immortality via sacrificing mortals. Probably necromancer would make sense as well.

Bysmiel - no idea, both necromancer and shaman don’t make much sense, maybe something like Drakkaris Incarnate, but Warlock w/ Iskandra instead of Pyromancer.

Actually, if you think about it, none of the followers of the Witch Gods could be necromancers because:

  1. The Witch Gods are older than Uroboruuk. We know from the constellation description that Dreeg’s human form was “transformed” by the Gods into a monstrous, hideous creature with a million eyes because he “pierced the Veil” and witnessed the truth of all things. From the discussion with Allostria, we also know that the gods of Cairn left the world after the war in which they used the aetherials. By the time Uroboruuk cursed the Arkovian nobles and their children, the Arkovian gods were “inactive”. Otherwise, I find no reason for them not to intervene. It is, indeed, possible that they were “dicks”, but I won’t pursue that hypothesis further since these gods actually DO NEED followers in order to sustain themselves (see Ravager discussion for reference). Therefore, the Witch Gods - or at least Dreeg - are older than Uroboruuk, i.e. the founder of the Order…much older.

  2. None of the Witch Gods are powered by the aether. Truth is we have absolutely no idea what the Eldritch realm really is. The lore notes, however, hint at the fact that it represents a completely different reality from the Ch’thonic rifts, the aether space, Cairn or the realm in which the other gods reside. If I were to guess, I’d say the Eldritch realm is something like the immaterium from the Warhammer series. This idea is also supported by the fact that Dreeg is basically Tzeentch + Nurgle and Solael is Khorne. Anyway, no guardian of the Three uses aether magic, nor the Sentinel. Ergo, the witch gods followers are most likely NOT arcanists or necromancers (let alone inquisitors, but that was obvious).

Now, in terms of what builds would represent each of the gods:
Dreeg Dreeg’s guardian deals acid/poison and pierce damage. As such, a “Dreeg” build would probably be a hybrid ranged/caster pierce/acid/poison Witch Hunter using the Quillthrower or Venomlance and…ofc…an amulet of Dreeg. I have such a build and it is fairly powerful. Maybe some day I will post it, but most probably I will not find the time.

Bysmiel The Guardian of Bysmiel is basically a lightning Hellhound, so Bysmiel is associated not only with summons, but also with lightning. From the Coven’s composition and the fact that Bysmiel is a goddess, we can also assume that she was a witch in her mortal form. As such, Bysmiel is most likely a lightning pet Conjurer. Again, one of the most powerful builds in the game as you could kill Mogdrogen with it.

Solael Solael is the most mysterious of the Witch Gods and the hardest to pin down. From lore and skill description we can see that he uses vitality and chaos primarily, but also has an obsession with blood - not blood per se, as Ch’thon, but spilling the blood of others to sustain his immortality. He is also the only Witch God that demands sacrifices. As I said before, Solael is basically the chaos god Khorne from the Warhammer series. Things are complicated, however, if we look at the Solael devotion, which deals fire/chaos. This means that Solael’s followers can be anything from vitality/chaos casters to vitality/bleed warriors to vitality/chaos tanks.

P.S.: Eldritch flame is not something usable by the player. If you battle the Guardian of Solael you will see that the flames he puts on the ground are vit/chaos/bleed. The Black Flame proc from the Covenant of the Three, however, deals fire + chaos + bleed. As such, Solael’s “avatar” could be: a) vit/bleed (or vit/chaos) conjurer or cabalist; b) chaos/bleed witchblade; c) vit/chaos WH/WB.

Setting aside that lore part I’ve always felt that ravenous earth and blight fiend, specially the explosive version are kind of Dreeg-ish…that was pretty informative though

I feel like my current build is pretty Solaelsy. Running a Pyromancer but converted all the fire damage of Firestrike to Chaos so near pure Chaos damage with Vitality on the side. As a side note, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. But I think the above have got it pretty on point. Focus on Occultist trees with support from Nightblade/Necormancer for Dreegs, Shaman/Necromancer for Bysmiel or Demolitionist/Necromancer/Inquisitor(maybe?) Solaels.

Necromancer seems to fit well for all three as a support class due to support for pets/acid/vitality.

If you don’t have time to write a full guide, maybe you could post a grimtools for us Dreeg cultists?

When I started to dig in the lore of Grim Dawn ,I think like Dreeg,Bysmiel,Solael as a Nurgle,Tzeentch,Khorne and my first poison caster name is Nurglina:)

My version of Dreeg Witchhunter (in title)